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Hello everybody,


i bought my RGB Strafe a little over 2 years ago and it has always served me well. Until now.

I don't have any warranty on it anymore which makes this problem a little bit harder for me to fix.


The whole thing started with my "a" key acting weird, sometimes it registered one key stroke as two, or it didn't react at all. But occasionally it worked normally. After some time i got fed up with it and i changed to a different, older keyboard as a substitute.


In the few weeks my Strafe was unplugged, the problem has somehow worsened. I tried it out yesterday, and now the scattering has spread to almost every key on the board. My suspicion is, that this is some kind of software related problem, based off the fact that the scattering has somehow spread. I do not believe it's possible that a mechanical defect on one key causes all other keys to fail.


I have already used the CUI to try and update and reset the fimware on the keyboard. Nothing helped.


UPDATE: The reset buton located on the back of the keyboard doesn't seem to have any effect.

Am i interpreting this problem wrong?


Any help on what to do and how to possibly fix my beloved keyboard would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance

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Try resetting the firmware manually as quoted by 'LLama71' in this forum post: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=162123


"Unplug the keyboard

While holding escape, plug it back in

After CUE sees it as being in recovery mode (or something like that), you can release escape

Force-update its firmware

Test again to see how it behaves


These steps will re-flash its microcontroller."

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Thank you for your answer!

Sadly CUE does not dtect my keyboard at all while holding down escape.

What should i do now?


Did you ever eat above the keyboard, spill something in it or get anything in the switches or pcb (e.g. the gap bellow the space bar)? It could be something shorting out.

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No, i never eat in front of my computer, as i am not an animal :D

But seriously, i never spilled anything on my keyboard and the spaces between are fairly clean.


As i said, i don't believe that this is a hardware problem.


Did you ever uninstall the HID driver's? And have you tried using it on another PC?


Oh, and also, can you change the polling rate of your board through iCUE? Not sure if the strafe has a setting for that through software.

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