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  1. Hi Bmcd77, Can you please reach out to our Technical Support team at help.corsair.com? If you have already, what is your ticket number? It should start with 200. Is the other board/CPU combo is the one in your PC specs? It sounds like it would be best to have the HX1200i replaced.
  2. Hello Daykeem, I don't believe there should be any compatibility issue with the memory linked and your motherboard. Did you try the sticks individually with XMP enabled and everything else set to defaults? You may want to reach out to our Technical Support team at help.corsair.com.
  3. Hello A.A., I'd suggest reaching out to our Technical Support team. They should be able to help from there!
  4. Hello Remorse, I'm sorry to hear that. I would suggest reaching out to out Technical Support team at help.corsair.com. They should be able to help from there!
  5. Hello EightBit, Unfortunately secure erase tends to not work well with raided drives. You may need to "break" the RAID in BIOS, format each drive individually, and then raid them again.
  6. Hello Gunshy, Sorry to hear that, I would suggest contacting our Technical Support team at support.corsair.com. They would be able to help you look into this issue further.
  7. Hello sblantipodi, Sorry for the delayed reply! It really depends on what you are looking for in your system. Some people do not like the aesthetic of RGB memory and prefer the look of the Dominator Platinum. In general, Dominator Platinum memory is going to overclock better past its rated specification in comparison to Vengeance RGB Pro due to it being hand-screened ICs and the Vengeance RGB taking some power away to power the LEDs. There is a finite amount of power that a motherboard provides to memory slots. If you system specifications are up to date in your signature, unfortunately X99 is not officially supported for Vengeance RGB Pro memory.
  8. Hi lervayy, Where are you seeing the frequency? Some programs show the individual speed of memory which in your case would be 1600mhz. Memory is DDR (Double Data Rate) which means two modules need to be running in order to run at the rated frequency. So, a dual stick 3200mhz kit will run the modules at 1600mhz each.
  9. Hi SMIFE, CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 runs at 16-18-18-36 CMK16GX4M2D3200C16 runs at 16-19-19-36 Both run at 1.35v for their rated speed and timings. I would suggest mixing the memory as it could cause stability issues. If you are mixing memory, it is best to use the same part number. For guaranteed stability, a single kit should be used.
  10. Hi Kali, Sorry to hear that. If you have tested each module separately and are still experiencing issues, the memory is unlikely to be related to the memory especially if it tests fine with memtest.
  11. Hello ralmedia20, Sorry to hear that. It sounds like you may have dead slots on the motherboard or that the CPU isn't making perfect contact and is not utilizing that channel. You may want to try reseating your CPU and if that doesn't work, I'd suggest contacting ASUS.
  12. Hello grasslin, Sorry to hear that. I think it would be best to reach out to our Technical Support team at help.corsair.com.
  13. Hello PaiNTitBLaCk, Unfortunately the memory is not compatible with your desktop, I'm sorry.
  14. Hello TIJOLO, CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 is listed on our site as compatible with AMD 300 series motherboards, and should not have an issue with your motherboard.
  15. Hello kmk68, You may want to reach out to our Technical Support team at help.corsair.com.
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