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Hey guys,

This is my third wireless Ironclaw mouse. I know, I'm an idiot for buying/having the same product replaced again and again when I know damn well Corsair will never actually fix the issue. 

My question is, other than 3D printing the wheel, is there another way to fix the issue? The wheel itself is broken. I can rotate it freely, but it doesn't actually scroll nor does it make that clicky noise when it actually works. I can't seem to find any spare parts online (at least not in Europe). I have tools like an iFixit kit and can go buy whatever is necessary but so far, I can't seem to figure out what that is. I can't currently afford yet another mouse and I can't return the one I have.

Normally I keep every single box of technology together with warranties and a receipt but after cleaning out my apartment, I can't find it anywhere. I don't even know where I ordered it from or when. The first ever mouse I bought was at the end of 2020 but I know for a fact this is my third one and I can't find any information, therefore, I can't expect to have a valid warranty. 

I don't really want to buy a different model as that one is comfortable and I don't wanna go for a different brand as all my peripherals are Corsair. Maybe I should stop being loyal to a brand that clearly knows about an existing problem yet refuses to actually fix it once and for all. But oh well, I guess I ain't that smart.

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