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Downgrading CL4 and LNP/CLCP Device Firmware

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Hi all,


As has been requested by the members of the forum. I've put together a quick how-to for downgrading the firmware of both the Lighting Node PRO and Commander PRO.


This is intended as a workaround for those experiencing issues with the current firmware as well as for those that want to keep the hardware playback functionality for lighting effects on either device.


The software method (uses Corsair LINK 4.9):

Why do we have to use CL4.9 for this?

CL4.9 introduced a new feature that allows you to force update a device such as the LNP or CLCP from a local file rather than from our update server.


So someone wanting to downgrade the firmware and rollback CL4 from 4.9 to 4.8 or 4.7 would have to do the following:


In 4.9, force update the LNP/CLCP with the file for the previous firmware version (using the update from local file option).


Go to "Devices" and begin the update process using a local file instead of updating from our server.



Wait for the flash to complete before doing anything else.



Ignore the "Update available" notification.


Then downgrade CL4 from 4.9 to 4.8 or 4.7 and ignore update prompts for software/firmware until further notice.


Zipped archives of LNP firmware 0.4.94 and CLCP 0.2.136 have been attached to this post.


For previous versions of CL4, here are a few direct links:








LNP 0.4.94.zip

CommanderPRO 0.2.136.zip

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