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Found 12 results

  1. I can see it in the iCUE software, it recognizes it, but it does nothing. I've the H115i PRO working properly. I guess it's not a conf problem. I've connected to an USB slot in the motherboard and I've connected to a SATA too. I've selected 2 LED strips on both channels. Any clue?
  2. Hello all, I just recently join and i do believe im posting in the right area, apologies if im in the complete wrong area as I cant seem to navigate this website well at all lol, I have a computer that i built myself running onm a lighting node pro with 5 HD120 fans connected to one channel and 8 LED strips connected to the other, I am aware that a single channel can only support 4 LED strips but I had seen a user comment a work around by setting the lighting channel to thinking it was LL series fans in order to light up all 8 strips and that worked for me up until yesterday, i had to disassemble the pc for some upgrades (vertical gpu mount, cable management, cleaning, ect)and I had not touched the lighting node outside of disconnecting it from the 4 LED strips connected to my desk outside of the pc while the other 4 are inside the case. After finishing up I had reconnected the cable to the outside LED but the node pro no longer lights any of the strips and will no longer do so regardless of anything ive tried. Has anyone had any experience with this and can tell me what im doing/ what might have went wrong? Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this
  3. Hello. I've tried to search this through search function and over the internet before posting but I'm still really confused about a simple answer: How can I simply and safely power up the lighting node pro outside the case to light up my desk and monitors? except for the easy usb type a connector, what about the sata power? I read about usb 3.0 hub, guys that create an adapter from data to 5v... what is the easiest solution? what about a PCI sata interface ? I'm just sorry about my English and noobish question, but I'm out of business from pc modding since I was 15 :D Thanks, Ivan
  4. Before I begin, I would like to say thanks in advance for any and all assistance. I recently purchased a Corsair Crystal 570X, six HD120 RGB fans (with controller), and a Lighting Node Pro. I am waiting for the final three HD120 fans to get here, so I decided to use the SP120 RGB fans included in the case until the HD120s arrive. My setup is as follows: LNP Port 1 --->RGB Controller(came with case)--->SP120 RGB x 3 LNP Port 2 --->RGB Controller(came with fans)--->HD120 RGB x 3 I am using C-Link, and the LNP is using firmware 0.2.65. The LEDs in the HD120s work as they are supposed to, but the SP120 LEDs do not. I searched through these forums, and I found other folks mention flickering SP120 RGB issues, but none of their symptom descriptions seems to match what I am experiencing. I downloaded SIV to better control the hardware, and to gather data that may be useful. So, on to the symptom: The SP120 fans flicker when connected to the LNP. They are on their own controller, and it doesn't matter which LNP port I plug them into - the result is the same. The flicker isn't caused my EMI, as it does not exhibit that type of symptom (rapid, rythmic flickering). This flicker is like that of an old neon light. The LEDs are off more than they are on, and when they do energize, it is brief, sporadic, and the flickering is not in sync between the fans. The colors I input into either SIV or C-Link are accurately displayed, but the LEDs just flicker. As a side note, there is no flickering when using the included button controller instead of the LNP. I have included screenshots of some of the SIV windows in the event they are helpful. Thanks! Breaker P.S. - The flicker is similar to .gif attached to this post.
  5. I felt SIV should support the CLNP so I needed to deduce the protocol. I felt I would have a thread to make this generally available and provide other information. The CLNP is a USB 2.0 HID device and there is also a device for firmware updates. I started by checking what CL4 sends and from below managed to deduce most of what is needed. I am currently unsure about what 34 + 37 + 38 actually do. I suspect they define an update transaction and that 33 is the commit operation. I also wondered what the small hole was for and it took me all of 2 minutes to find out and it seems to be a recovery firmware loader. The CLNP uses the NXP LPC11U37FBD48/401 chip so you may find the LPC11U3X User Manual interesting. LNP Port 1 setup.txt LNP Port 2 setup.txt
  6. I have just installed 6xLL130's into a Corsair Crystal 570X case using the hub that came with the case. The fans all worked, but iCue did not see the Lighting Node Pro and lights did not come on. I then swapped out the case's 6 port hub with the one that came in the pack of 3 x LL130s to some success. The lights are all now on and iCue detects the LNP, but it is unable to change the lights as they seem to be stuck. The front three lights are all red, the two on top are red and have one green LED on while the fan on the back alternates red and green lights all around with one stuck on blue. Why so random? I have yet to be able to get this functioning as it should. Any help would be great, thanks.
  7. Hi, so I built my PC a while ago and bought some fancy LL120 fans for intake. I actually used an Arduino for them and wanted to use the LNP that came with them for my SP120 fans which were included in my x460 case. I´ve heard that the fans shipped with this case may won´t work with the LNP and I wanted to ask, if anyone knows how to fix this problem. I´ve allready tried to update the firmware through iCue but that hasn´t worked for some reason. To me it looks like the LNP is the problem because when I unplug its power, the flickering ends. I think the LNP is refreshing the LED information really often and some of the ticks are corrupted or something like that. I would appreciate any help. Regards, MrInfinity
  8. I purchased the LL120 3 pack with LNP 3 days ago and was working fine until today. It is now not recognised by any software or my system. All fans light up however and are spinning. Did try to hard reset so I could install new Firmware but it does not show up on my computer at all? I would really like to get the software working again as the static rainbow kinda ruins my theme. TIA
  9. Hi all, This is my first post here as I am new. I have just recently bought the 570x case and with it i bought the 3pack of the ll120's. My problem is that the lighting node pro was working perfectly, now when i restarted my pc, LNP no longer shows in Corsair Link? I have googled and came across the option of updating the firmware by using the button on the lighting node pro itself to open the CRP_DISABLED drive and replace that firmware file. Unfortunately it still does not show in Corsair Link. I find it very odd that it just stopped working and cant find another example of this online. Any help would be greatly appreciated, these fans look beautiful and I just want them to work again. I have installed SIV64 but am not familiar with it. If there are any screenshots I need to attach, please let me know. Regards Goose
  10. Hey Everyone, So i recently purchased a new system, and i got it built in a 460X case, and added the RGB LED Lighting strips + Light Node Pro to the build (i paid a shop to assemble for me so should all be configured correctly). What i am looking to do is disconnect the Fans from the case controls, and link it to the LNP so i can control the fans using the iCUE software as well. Currently i only have the 3 Pin 2 wire female to female cable, however when i plug this from the 6 port LED hub into the LNP, the RGB on the fans flicker on and off quickly - like a random strobe light (they should be constant). The cable that goes from the case controller into the 6 port LED hub has 3 wires, however the extension cable i tried only has 2 wires (photo attached of the cable i have). I am hoping a 3 wire cable with the same pin/connector will resovle my issue, however i have no idea where i can buy one of these, or if it will in fact solve the problem. just to clarify, i am looking for the blue cable in the attached wiring diagram i will post below. Hoping there is an expert here that has run into the same problem and can provide advice.
  11. I am having a remarkable amount of trouble trying to come up with solutions to why my Corsair Lighting Node Pro and the 4 LED strips that come with is will never remain working after a reboot of the PC. I have tried the firmware solutions that have been suggested to everyone else, as well as trying to connect to several different USB hubs on the MOBO. I have even tried sever different SATA connections to the node itself, nothing seems to keep the lights working after I reboot the computer. Sometimes the will come on and be recognized by Corsair Link, then after I am finished customizing the lights to my liking, I restart the computer to make sure everything is working the way that I want them to. But every reboot they turn off. At this point I can only assume that my Corsair CX750M PSU isnt supplying them with enough power on reboot and the wont turn on for that reason. I am unsure how to tell if my PSU gives out enough voltage to handle the light strips, but i would like to find out if I will be able to use these strips or if I'm going to have to take them back to the store. Any advice would be helpful, I've been working on this for two straight days and it's beginning to get a bit frustrating. Thank you!
  12. Hi all, As has been requested by the members of the forum. I've put together a quick how-to for downgrading the firmware of both the Lighting Node PRO and Commander PRO. This is intended as a workaround for those experiencing issues with the current firmware as well as for those that want to keep the hardware playback functionality for lighting effects on either device. The software method (uses Corsair LINK 4.9): Why do we have to use CL4.9 for this? CL4.9 introduced a new feature that allows you to force update a device such as the LNP or CLCP from a local file rather than from our update server. So someone wanting to downgrade the firmware and rollback CL4 from 4.9 to 4.8 or 4.7 would have to do the following: In 4.9, force update the LNP/CLCP with the file for the previous firmware version (using the update from local file option). Go to "Devices" and begin the update process using a local file instead of updating from our server. Wait for the flash to complete before doing anything else. Ignore the "Update available" notification. Then downgrade CL4 from 4.9 to 4.8 or 4.7 and ignore update prompts for software/firmware until further notice. Zipped archives of LNP firmware 0.4.94 and CLCP 0.2.136 have been attached to this post. For previous versions of CL4, here are a few direct links: http://downloads.corsair.com/download?item=Files/Corsair-Link/Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.8.3.8.zip http://downloads.corsair.com/download?item=Files/Corsair-Link/Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.8.2.1.zip http://downloads.corsair.com/download?item=Files/Corsair-Link/Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.8.0.82.zip http://downloads.corsair.com/download?item=Files/Corsair-Link/Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.7.0.77.zip LNP 0.4.94.zip CommanderPRO 0.2.136.zip
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