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New USB RGB Void - No Mic response


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This is probably the millionth thread regarding this, but whatever. I just bought a Void USB RGB headset, and upon connecting it via USB, the sound worked wonderfully, and still does. However, the microphone doesn't respond at all.


I downloaded (and re-downloaded) the CUE software, force updated the headset, and still nothing. Windows 10 detects the mic and speakers properly and states that they are both working, but the status light on the mic does nothing and the level indicator in the Recording Devices shows no input from the mic. The mute button does function, giving the proper tones upon activation and deactivation and displaying the red pulsing status LED.


I really don't want to have to return this headset, but this is getting really frustrating when things just don't function the way they should out of the box.


Is there any kind of software fix for this or do I need to replace the headset?

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