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  1. Without iCUE installed, your profile functionality is greatly reduced, but your stored profiles will still work.
  2. The Corsair keyboards are programmable, so you can unplug the keyboard from your home computer and plug it in at a gaming competition machine. In order for this to work, the USB keyboards must follow the USB specification, specifically, Chapter 10 on Keyboard (page 253). There are 231 defined keys, and a total of 65535, if you include the reserved ones. iCUE lets you rebind different physical keys to act like different defined keyboard keys. Note that Unicode comprises 1.1 million code points -- there simply is no way to even specify that a keyboard key should be like a key labelled with an arbitrary glyph in Unicode. There are, however, workarounds. You can use iCUE to define each key in a profile to send a particular string, and that string can be copy/pasted from Character Map or BabelMap or any other source, and pasted into the TEXT definition for the key, which you would use in iCue in lieu of macro recording.
  3. I'd like to be able to DISABLE a button, so iCUE doesn't have it doing anything, but have the input still register. If a button is disabled, it shouldn't register input on the computer. If you want a button to register input on the computer, use iCUE to indicate what input to register.
  4. If you abort the macro at step 4, the computer will not receive a key up event or a mouse button release event, and your horse will gallop ever onward. This macro, if aborted, produces the result you saw, so asking how to abort this macro is like asking people to throw your horse into a ravine, and make your computer act like the key and mouse is never released. People avoid giving bad advice. Better would be to write two macros for assigning to the same thing. The first macro would do the key and mouse down and switch profile; the second macro would do the key and mouse up and switch profile back. This would perform the desirable result of allowing you to determine when you want the horse to stop running. As programmed, your macro is an excellent example of executing a sequence of timed events. Cancelling your macro's execution once it has begun is probably not what you really want. To see/practice macro cancellation, do not use macros with explicit key/button down and up events, unless you have already created a way to restore your system to a normal state.
  5. For Macros, try inserting separate events for keypresses, rather than recording macros.
  6. I put the items from the imported profile into the library, and then I edit the HW profile and take the items from the library, binding it to the proper keys.
  7. Create a batch file that opens your game AND executes your secondary file.
  8. I set my profiles so that there is a timer on my Enter key; every time I press the key, it restarts the timer. If the timer expires, then it calls a profile switch to my dark profile which disables the lighting. The dark profile has every key defined to switch back to my default profile, while retaining the original key.
  9. The URL has changed. See: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/blog/a-deeper-look-into-the-void
  10. Try using advanced mode and making a single wave that is red, purple, and yellow. Search the forums for "megarainbow"; you may find it helpful.
  11. You do not need to open and set CUE; it should remember your last profile settings. CUE does support accented characters.
  12. windows wont detect the headset as 7.1 This would be a bug in the Corsair driver, or incompatibility with some Windows software; keep on them to get it fixed, since Windows SHOULD detect the headset as 7.1. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/games_windows_10/problem-with-71-in-my-usb-headset-win10/10e85adc-b9ec-4bfa-bf2c-e8d14e6f3bd4 Did you ensure you have latest USB drivers, etc.?
  13. It would be helpful if somebody ( @CruelBobby @momorious @cokewithvanilla ) attached the buggy profiles to their post.
  14. Still no luck updating to this version either by the CUE update button or running the MSI from Corsair's download site. It hangs. :-P I guess I'll have to try uninstalling CUE first.
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