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HS35 microphone barely pickups my voice

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This issue had been resolved by a user, "Deaven" before. My issues is the exact same as them. I have to put the mic IN MY MOUTH and then it can pickup my voice. When it can pickup my voice, lets just say the audio quality reminds you of 60's radio host audio quality.

My attempt to fix :

  • Verifying that it was plugged into the correct plugs.
  • Verifying that it was fully plugged in.
  • Verifying that the mute button was not pressed.
  • Plugging the jack into a usb into audio jack adapter. The speaker still work but the mic once again barely picks my voice
  • Testing it with windows loopback test, discord, obs, valorant. The same issue persisted.
  • Testing the mic on other devices, it dont work
  • Under 'Recording Devices -> Properties -> Advanced' for the headset, set the Default Format from whatever the initial one (CD or DVD Quality iirc) was to Studio Quality. (No change was noticed.)
  •  Under 'Recording Devices -> Properties -> Levels' for the headset, set the Microphone slider to 100 (was at 50). (No change was noticed.)
  • Under 'Recording Devices -> Properties -> Levels' for the headset, set the Microphone Boost slider to +10.0dB, then +20.0dB, then +30.0dB. (Voice volume increased slightly, feedback noises increased exponentially. This solution is nonviable as I require my voice to be as clear as possible.)
  • Updating audio drivers. (Drivers are up to date.)

If possible, I would not want to install 3rd party software. 

Thanks in advance


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