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Corsair Scimitar RGB PRO (CUE) problem


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I bought the Corsair Scimitar RGB Pro from my local bestbuy 2 months ago at most and I have 2 yr warranty on it, so everything is fine. I installed this mouse to my computer moment I got home and I installed CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) from the site. I did all my DPI and lighting effects and actions mostly REMAPPING.


Everything went well for a month and half until I updated the mouse from CUE, it told me to, and so I did and ever since its been really weird.


I have a profile next to DEFAULT as "Kevin 1" since I did all of my settings in there. But now I cant even use my own profile anymore but default and ALSO default doesn't even work sometimes. My default has a lighting of all RED and sometimes I turn on my computer to see my mouse is just black and also the remaps I've done with both profiles don't work.


I made new profiles as in the "software" and "hardware" it says next to the profiles and I do my settings and can't save it. Keeps saying

"Device is no longer detected or there was an issue with saving to the onboard storage. Please reconnect your device and try again."

no matter what I do.


This is super super frustrating, My brother has one also and he has had it for a month and half and everything is working for him.


I have a feeling that the update messed up my mouse.


Is there any way to fully restart my mouse?

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