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Found 21 results

  1. Been using this gaming mouse since 2017 and for some reason now it's not being detected at all, disabling me from using the number buttons which I use as shortcuts all the time. Curiously, the K55 keyboard I've bought in January is detected without problems. I'm uninstalling iCUE now and gonna try to reinstall it to see if it clears up the issue. ...and it didn't. Anyone got any tips?
  2. Bonjour cela fait maintenant 2 mois que ma souris ne peut plus faire de clic molette et cela commence à sérieusement m'"handicaper" car je l'utilise beaucoup au quotidien. J'ai fait quelques tests comme: -Débrancher la souris,la rebrancher -réinstaller ICUE Puis j'ai décidé de changer de souris pour tester et le clic molette marcher sur celle-là donc il y a de grande chance pour que ça vienne de la souris. Du coup je sais pas trop quoi faire Appart la démonter ou la remplacer Si quelqu'un peut m'aider se serait vraiment cool Merci Cordialement
  3. Im new here, so bare with me. I am having a problem with my K70 RGB MK.2 LP keyboard cancelling out the button keybinds that I hold on my Scimitar PRO RGB. I will use Destiny 2 (the game) as an example since this is where I found it happening. I would hold my grenade in my hand using the keybind that I have set on my mouse which is "N" but when I would press the space bar on the keyboard or any other key, it would cancel it and throw it. With my Razer keyboard, it doesnt do that. I tried blocking in the game using "C" as the keybind to my mouse and it does the same thing, just cancels it. I have reset the keyboard, cleared all onboard profiles, restarted iQUE, restarted the computer and I still have no idea how to fix this. Hoping that someone sees this and has a solution to my very annoying problem.
  4. Hi, I have 2 week old Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB mouse, and I recently noticed that the mouse would sometimes (maybe 10-20% of the time?) register a single click as a double click. I've tried to figure out if it's a certain way I press the button, but it seems to be just random. I've tried: Updating CUE Force updating the Firmware Soft reset of the mouse (LEDs don't flash as they say in the instructions they would, just goes to the mouse profile normally?) Re-plugging the mouse Trying to peek if there's anything hindering the mouse button Praying The clicks sound normal, and sometimes it's even very lazy clicks (slow release of mouse button) that would sometimes get registered as a doubleclick. When the doubleclick occurs, it's an inhumanly fast one (almost like using a macro). I noticed this in games or using dropdown menus and even with this mouse behavior test site I found on google: http://unixpapa.com/js/testmouse.html Am I looking at an RMA or is there still something I could do? Is this a common issue with Corsair mice?
  5. as title says, about a year ago i bought a used/2nd hand scimitar pro rgb, just recently (like within the last hour or two) the middle mouse button needs to be pushed firmly in order for it to middle click, do i need a new mouse? is there still warranty? if there is warranty on 2nd hand products, how would i check if its still active? if possible i would like to fix this myself rather than get a replacement i have tried unplugging the mouse, restarting icue, restarting my pc and none of that changed it (wasnt expecting it to, but just wanted to make sure before i took apart my mouse for no reason or bought a new one)
  6. Since the last iCUE update I did, using my Scimitar Pro RGB I got back in 2017, it seems that iCUE resets itself each time it starts back up. It's not saving any of my profiles, I have to manually load them from their folder each time because they don't even show up in the list. What's going on, is this some sort of a glitch?
  7. So I just bought the scimitar pro to replace my Razer Naga, but I'm having a heap of problems with the software (why so complicated?!). I'm trying to remap the keys and yes I've watched all the videos and followed the instructions. Setting up macros under action and binding keys to numbers. It shows up yet still it doesn't work when I click the sidebuttons (in notepad for example) so I'm pretty much clueless right now. In the video instructions things look sliiightly different but I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track. As far as I know there's also nowhere you can hit 'save' for it to start working. It should be automatic. If anybody has any ideas it'd be very much appreciated! Software version 3.22.74 (Mouse has been updated too)
  8. I know this is a question that has been asked before a while ago, so I'm hoping that the answer has changed. I would like to know if functionality has been added to the iCue software to allow multiple macros to run simultaneously. I enjoy playing ARPGs, which often require repeated spamming of the same skill button. My Logitech software allows me to, for instance, set up a macro that will cause pressing "Numpad 1" to toggle a repeat of the "1" key, same with 2, etc. Useful for games like Diablo. When I do that in iCue, pressing "Numpad 2" turns off and replaces the "Numpad 1" macro, rather than running them concurrently. I really like the feel of this keyboard, but this lack of functionality is a deal breaker for me. Has this changed, or are there plans to change it soon? If not, does anyone have a suggestion for a workaround, other than making a macro for each combination of possible key presses (which of course is not really feasible). Thanks!
  9. Hello! I've been using a Scimitar Pro RGB mouse for about 2 years now, and it's treated me well for the time I've had it. However, over the past few months some serious issues have occurred over the past few months that have rendered the mouse incredibly difficult to use. Mostly involving both mouse buttons. The left click on the mouse glitches frequently, and double clicks basically every other click. This makes it almost impossible to move windows around, single click on folders, and play games. At first I thought it was a computer problem, but it carried over to 2 other computers. After a bit of research, I found that it was normally a firmware corruption issue. However, the ICue 2 firmware updater doesn't work at all for my mouse, alerting me to the fact that it requires an update but fails to "find" or install the update. I've tried to contact support to get a firmware image, but they require a warranty. That's gone missing. As of 2 days ago, a glitch with my right click has appeared. Right clicks don't seem to commit, a single right click turns into a bunch of short millisecond clicks, basically making my clicks rapid fire 7 or 8 times before it finally sticks . This means that first person shooters have also become terrible to play, aiming down sights turns into a river dance session, which normally results in my death. I am willing to accept that this is simply the result of wear from constant use (I play a lot of MOBA's, so my right button has been heavily abused), however it shares a lot of similarities with the firmware bug that my left click suffers from. I'm willing to put the mouse to rest, but if there's a way to save it I'm all ears. I don't have money for a new fancy mouse. As mentioned before, so there's no repeats: 1. Can't update through ICue, says update failed 2. I've tried soft resetting the mouse, nope. 3. Both bugs appeared abruptly one day, so I don't know what could have led up to it. 4. I don't have the mouses warranty, so I can't download the firmware images. Below is a recording of the right click glitch, this is all one held click: https://streamable.com/oa043 tldr; Mouse messed up, bringing me down in ranked.
  10. When i remap keys on side panel of Scimitar PRO RGB or any key of K70 RGB LUX to media functions (sound volume up and down) it changes sound volume to 4-6 points per button press. When iCUE is closed, it works correctly (2 points per button press). Bug does not depend on key.
  11. So this is something I've had happen to me once before, but while I've assigned my Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB's number keys to specific number and symbol keys, sometimes when I boot my system up it doesn't fail to see the mouse as being connected but it does fail to recognise the use of these number keys for some reason. Plugging it back out and in doesn't make a difference when it comes to that, nor does restarting the software, just a hard reboot will do the job. Is this a firmware issue with the mouse, an issue with the current version of iCUE or what? This didn't really happen often before, so I'm kind of wondering what's the deal with this. Thanks for your time.
  12. Okay it's finally caused enough rage over the months and maybe even years to make a post. Likely should have done this way sooner but I didn't feel like making an account. After getting the mouse and finding enough tutorials to teach me how to do even the bare basics like key binding the 1-12 buttons on the side to my keyboard number keys (which was way more effort than it should have been) I managed to get my profile where I wanted it. After tinkering around, I found out how to delete the built in other profiles labeled Scimitar Pro HW 1, 2, and 3. Because for what I do, I only want the one profile and I don't want the scroll buttons to cycle through my DPI randomly. But I found that randomly while playing games, it would suddenly swap DPI to insane numbers. Often times in the middle of important moments. Sometimes it's days between incidents, sometimes a couple months. Just today I was in a ranked match with my clan and missed a very important shot because the mouse decided to swap profiles when I hit the scroll up button. I opened the iCUE and boom. Lo and behold, the Scimitar Pro HW 1, 2, and 3 profiles had magically appeared below the ones titled "Main". I've deleted them every single time. I've gone into settings and cleared onboard storage every single time as well. But it still randomly brings them back at the worst times. Which makes my buttons do what I very much do NOT want them to do. Which causes me very violent thoughts towards this little piece of hardware. Please please please for the love of all that is holy can someone tell me how to fix this?
  13. Hi! Im stil very new to this sofware and for some reason my mouse 1-12 keys are not working in Sea of thieves. I have profiles for diffrent activitys and the one im sitting on now have the keys mapped to 1-12 on the keyboard so i can quickly change between my weapong and planks etc but its not working, i use this profile on all other games that uses the 1-12 keys on keyboard such as PUBG, ROE, World of warcraft, Diablo, HotS etc but for some reason its not working on sea of thieves? Can someone help me out or explain to my why its not working? Thanks in advance! :)
  14. Hallo, wenn ICU nicht läuft funktionieren meine onboard Profiele nicht. Ich habe 3 gespeichert. eine wo ich aufd der 9 Desktop anzeigen gemacht habe auf 7 eine seite vor und zurück im Browser auf 4 kopieren usw. Aber das funktioniert nur wen icue läuft. Weiß jemand wie ich das Problem beheben kann? Ich kann auch nicht zu den einzelnen provilen wechseln die ich gespeichert habe es bleibt beim letzten wo ich wahr nur die Beleuchtung bleib erhalten un dpi oder profie kann icch dann nicht wechseln. Ich weiß ich habe mein Problem sehr verwirrt beschriben. Hoffe ihr blickt durch. habe die neuste Version. Als BS Win 7 bpro 64 bit. Gruß Appl1
  15. Hey guys, hope anyone here is able to help me with my scimitar PRO rbg. Background; i play this old *** mmorpg and hotkeys is something they don't do well. So instead of it recognizing extra mouse buttons i have to assign spells to function keys F1,F2,F3, etc and then bind the function keys to the sidebuttons which worked great, had no problem what so ever with this set up. now recently i started a knight character, and those of us playing rpg's know what means; healing, healing alot, like spamming heal all the time... So after many thumb cramps i had an epiphany , why don't i make it like i'm holding down the key with some sort of macro. now i have 2 setups made for this; solution 1 is the same remap key (F6 in this case) but with added "imitate holding key" action trigger: toggle. solution 2 is macro pressing down the F6, no delays, action trigger toggl, action repeat const., and repeat delay constant @1000ms (cooldown of the spell). Both solutions work perfectly, the problem starts here. We all know spamming spells takes alot of what is generally this blue/green liquid called mana or essence or focus or whatever, and i need to drink these potions alot so que epiphany 2: just also spam this with the mouse solutions. Just copy/paste same solutions from the F6 (healing spell) spam to the F7(potion) spam and it works for both, and it does kinda. The problem however is that i press G5 bonded to the F6 spam and i start spamming the heal spell, so far so good, now i press G8 to also start the F7 spam of potions and it starts spamming the potion but it cancels my F6 spam which i still need. PLZ HALP I ALREADY DIED TWICE :( Kind regards
  16. A firmware update for the K70 LUX RGB and the Scimitar Pro RGB just came out. I installed both. They both came up with warning after the update had finished, so I re plugged both to see what the warning where. They both said that the update had failed. I restarted my PC, thinking this would fix it. It turned on, but was stuck on a black screen with 90 in the bottom right corner. Nothing would happen until I unplugged my mouse and keyboard. When the Windows login screen loaded, I saw that it was stretched with AMD Eyefinity over both of my monitors. I re plugged my mouse and keyboard, the keyboard only did one thing: Constantly move my mouse to the top left of the screen. I unplugged them both and logged in with an old mouse and keyboard. I fixed the Eyefinity coming out of nowhere then re plugged the mouse to find that it worked, except the thumb buttons and it had default lighting. I plugged in the keyboard to find that it did nothing but move my mouse towards the top left of the screen. I had to wrestle with my mouse to clear the keyboard's onboard cache, but it didn't works. Now I'm here, very annoyed about my bricked £300 worth of mouse and keyboard, making a wall of text with some old rubber dome keyboard, hoping for help.
  17. I recently bought the corsair scimitar pro rgb and realised that the right mouse button was a lot spongier than the left mouse button and the click it makes is very quiet and the left click sound is very loud. It gets pretty annoying sometimes but when I'm in a game I usually just forget about it. I was just wondering if it's broken and if I should get it repaired or if it's supposed to be like that.
  18. As of getting my scimitar pro mouse a few days ago, I've had many problems with Cue, between not being able to reconnect the mouse if cue crashes (which it likes to do) resulting in my computer needing a restart, and the onboard profiles not being able to save and sending corsair cue into a sort of limbo, as it will not save nor cancel the save. On top of these problems, the mouse refuses to change any of the lightings to a static colour in every zone aside from the buttons on the side. I've tried to look for some solutions, but nothing has worked. I am running the latest version of Cue 2.24.35 and I have tried many things including a reinstall (the second time since I got this mouse) please help. Edit: i think this has something to do with the onboard memory (this has been an issue ever since i got it) which I cant configure nor find as of the most recent reinstall
  19. Hi guys! I just bought a Scimitar Pro RBG the other day and I am having some trouble with it. After I managed to get the keys on the side assigned properly (I'm using it exclusively for WoW) I faced another dilemma. After I put my computer in sleep mode (Win 10 64 bit) and came back, opened Corsair software, and it tells me there is a profile conflict and asks to save over what's on the mouse to fix it. Well, I allow it, it resets everything. I fix it. Next time it does it I hit "cancel" and it does it anyway...this is getting very frustrating. I also cannot make the profile switcher key and DPI toggle reassign (they should be forward and backwards keys!). I have tried: Resetting it to defaults Updating drivers Deleting the 3 random profiles it creates every single time I open the software Making a new profile with a new name and saving it Reinstalling the software Screaming at the sky and asking "WHY ME?!" So...yeah. What am I doing wrong here? I'm about ready to return it out of frustration. :(
  20. Hi I bought Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB and was very happy with the new mouse and it's qualities. But just after 2-3h of use, while the computer was idling and i wasnt touching it, the mouse cursor started to move by itself towards the upper left corner. First i was afraid(I was petrified :P) that my computer is being hijacked, but soon realised that the cursor is now stuck on the upper left corner and i cannot move it from there, the mouse keeps "pulling" it there and wont take other commands from the sensor it seems. Buttons work fine. I can connect another mouse and pull the cursor away from the corner with that, but the Scimitar allways keeps pulling it back to the upper left corner. I Tried everything, installing the drivers again x10, did factory reset 5 times, plugged it in to 2 other computers with no mouse drivers installed, it just keeps doing it as soon as you plug it in. I believe i should RMA it, what do you guys think?...
  21. I just got the Corsair Scimitar pro RGB for my birthday and installed CUE but I am having 1 actual issue, and also 1 question. First, no matter what I do, I can not set the mouse to any profile. Every time I select a profile and click somewhere other than CUE it automatically reverts to the default profile for my mouse. I somewhat fixed it when I would just leave CUE open while gaming but now its permanently stuck on the default outside of CUE. I don't see any options anywhere to set a profile as default or and options that could help in any way. As for my other question, when I go to edit profile only the default seems to be enabled to allow it to be linked to a program. This is my first time posting here and any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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