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Found 10 results

  1. My Scimitar Pro mouse wheel broke today and I'm looking for a way to rebind scroll functionality to another button on the mouse. I have looked in the remaps in ICUE for a way to do this but I'm not finding the function. I'm not even sure if this is possible but any help would be appreciated. Not being able to scroll is really limiting what games I'm currently able to play.
  2. Using iCUE Software v. 4.28.177 K70 RGB PRO Mini Wireless - v. 5.17.120 ok my problem: I remapped the 1 key to F1 so when I press the 1 key it registers as F1 and that works as it should... now if I press ALT+1 what I expect to happen is ALT+F1 because the 1 key is remapped to F1. Now what actually happens when I press ALT+1, is ALT+1 even though the 1 key is remapped to F1. I have also tried this with other keys combinations, and for some reason using the Modifiers not just ALT but also SHIFT or CTRL the remapped key goes back to its original input. I have also remapped my Cap lock key to profile switch and when I press a Modifier key with the caps lock key the caps lock toggles even though I have it set to profile switch. Now before you ask, I did not toggle the "Retain Original Key Output" setting on any of these keys. I would expect that when you remap a key, the key should act like the remapped key in its entirety so modifiers can be used with it. I'm mostly wondering if this is a bug or as intended? it is saddening that I can't use modifiers with remapped keys.
  3. I have been messing around for about 30 minutes now, and I can't seem to find a way to remap the scroll wheel. I'd like scroll up to function as the 'P' key, and scroll down to function as the 'N' key. Is there something I'm missing? Or is this software really just that far behind the times? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi everybody, I need a solution to remap my mouse wheel up and down for other macro functions. I dont have any idea to do it. It looks that we can only give macro functions to click buttons? Does anyone have a solution for my issue? Thx for your help! My specs: Windows 10 (64 Bit) latest iCUE (3.37.140) GLAIVE RGB (firmware 3.14) Best regards shogolade
  5. I am attempting to remap the 'DPI Up' button to Page Up, and the 'DPI Down' button to Page Down. This works, but it also adjusts the DPI of the mouse. None of the lights are changing, like iCue isnt aware the mouse is changing the DPI. This even happens if I disable the buttons. ICue thinks its disabled, the mouse lights don't change, but the DPI increases. Is this supposed to be happening? How can I stop the 'DPI' buttons from changing the DPI settings?
  6. Hi all, Recently got my K70 LUX RGB and just trying to remap the Numpad keys to something else. I only want the keys to remap if the Num-Lock is off. I can't seem to find any guides on this. I'm guessing I can clone my current profile and configure it so that one profile has the numpad keys remapped to something else, while the other profile does not. Then I can switch between the profiles using NumLock key (remapped to switch profile). The above will work if you don't have too many customization. But is there a more elegant way to do this? Let's say the above profile use the same Lighting Effect, but if I were to remap a different key to switch to a different profile with a different Lighting Effect, then I effectively have to create 4 profiles (2 for different lighting effects with numpad keys unmapped and the other 2 are clones of the first 2, but with the numpad keys remapped). It becomes difficult to manage multiple profiles like this. So there must be a better way to achieve what I want?
  7. ive been trying to remap my pause/play and my next track media keys to different buttons on my keyboard. When i play games on my pc with a controller, i wanted to have a button on my xbox 360 controller to pause/play my song and one to skip the track and i use joytokey to remap controller buttons to keyboard buttons but i can not remap a controller button to a media key. my solution was to remap the 2 media keys to scroll lock and pause break and then bind 2 buttons on my controller to scroll lock and pause break to be able to skip a song and pause with my controller. i was successfully able to skip a song with my controller but my pause play button no longer works at all, other media keys do
  8. Greetings; Being a sensible UNIX user (shut up.) I have done the following mapping thru the registry in Windows: CapsLock becomes LeftCtrl LeftCtrl becomes ContextMenu ContextMenu becomes CapsLock [The reason I did this is because I do not like the placement of CapsLock, and I wanted to remap LeftCtrl to simulate holding down all of [Ctrl,Shift,Alt] at the same time, i.e. a 'Hyper' key. I think, now, I have figured out why it doesn't work. Read on.] iCUE is routing around this in an inconsistent manner, which is causing some problems in macro/key-remapping. iCUE reads the keypress properly while recording the macro and lists it as Press key Ctrl ...other keystrokes here Release key Ctrl HOWEVER, when I go to execute the macro, iCUE is passing Ctrl as though it were the non-system-remapped version, and so is triggering ContextMenu instead. I suspect that if I do a simple LeftCtrl/Caps swap, the macro will trigger CapsLock instead. A solution for this on my end is to use RightCtrl instead of LeftCtrl, but I feel like I shouldn't *have* to do this. I think this is a bug. This is something you might want to have a look at, as it seems to violate the Principle Of Least Astonishment.
  9. Hello there, First, someone please explain how remap works. Actions -> Create Action - > Remap Key and I see this: Probably I'm stupid but to be honest I don't get it. How is it actually remap anyting if the only option is to pick one key? I want to remap A to B (simple example). How to do that? And for the macro question, is it possible to have it like that? Press F1 - > will actually press E and hold it until F1 is pressed again.
  10. Is there a way to remap an entire key combination? I can easily set one key to do a combination. Specifically, I'd like Shift+Alt+Space to map to Shift+CapsLock. Can iCue do this, or do I need to use something like AutoHotKey?
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