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Mx blue EU - out of stock?

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So I was about to find my new keyboard and decided on the K70 LUX RGB.

My problem is I can't find it with blue switches in the EU with the UK layout. CH-9101011-UK

In some UK shops I saw it marked as "out of stock". Also I'd like to buy it in a local shop (in Hungary) if I can because of crazy shipping costs :sigh!:


Does anyone know if it's out for good or if it will be back?

(I could buy it with other switches or the NA layout but I'd like to avoid those)

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Thanks. I can understand that if that's the case.

Now it would be nice to know when we'll get some more and where can I buy it ;):

The only way to know is to subscribe to Corsair's newsletter, they usually send one out when there is a batch of blue switches.

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