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  1. I see just a tiny scratch there? I believe all companies do some tests on randomly chosen products before shipping them to check for any obvious issue. Your mouse might be one of those. Apart from that I don't really see any other indication in your image that the mouse is using used parts. Or it might just be a defective piece of plastic pad too. As for the side buttons, I can't comment on that.
  2. I think your best bet is to open a ticket with support and have it replaced. If you try to do anything to fix it on your own (like opening it) the warranty will be voided.
  3. I haven't noticed anything like that on my K95P, I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.
  4. I don't have any fans so I can't see if I'm able to reproduce unfortunately. Btw, for further issues/questions about iCUE you can use this forum which was made specifically for it: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/forumdisplay.php?f=280 ;):
  5. For further questions about iCUE you can use this forum which was made specifically for it: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/forumdisplay.php?f=280 ;):
  6. For the fans to show up in iCUE you must connect them to a Commander PRO or Lighting Node PRO. Having them directly connected to the case won't work. EDIT: James beat me to it :p:
  7. Only if it doesn't force you to make an account to use it like a certain something else though... :p:
  8. Have you tried running again the installer and choose the REPAIR option from it?
  9. The second image seems to be an hardware profile (SAVE PROFILE TO DEVICE option bottom left), since there are some limitations about saving more complex actions on the onboard memory some options will not appear in that case. Try creating a new SOFTWARE profile and all the options should be there properly.
  10. Oh, I wasn't aware about the FW update. Good to know. I guess Corsair should update the K55 RGB product page to say it supports CUE then :p:
  11. If you want an official answer you should submit a ticket in the "Support Ticket System"(link at the top). This forum is mostly for P2P support, Corsair employees do check/reply here, but only sometimes.
  12. I've been installing every CUE version on 3 computers for 3+ years so far (1 AMD + 2 Nvidia) and I have never had my gpu drivers uninstalled by it. I honestly doubt your issue is with CUE, rather something else is messing up your gpu drivers. CUE does use the GPU to draw lighting effects and other things but doesn't really touch the drivers directly.
  13. As far as I know the K55 RGB doesn't support CUE. It shouldn't even be able to detect it since there is no chip in it that allows CUE to find it. Or are you talking about a different keyboard?
  14. The profiles are saved inside the folder "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Corsair", so each user should have its own profiles with no problems. As for the default profile when CUE is not running, you simply need to create one and save it on the onboard memory. When CUE is not running that's the profile that will be used.
  15. They've been in the shop for a while now? See the links posted in previous replies. Thought they already might be out of stock at this point.
  16. Their plan is to have the predefined lighting effects work in advanced mode, James mentioned this in a reply to another topic (can't find it right now). But it was said it will take time to implement the change.
  17. I believe those effects are coded in the keyboard itself and you can use some kind of key combination to switch between them. At least that's what I remember reading.
  18. The K55 RGB keyboard is NOT supported by CUE: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=164479
  19. For official support you have to submit a ticket, this forum here is basically P2P support only. Corsair staff does visit/post from time to time but it is not guaranteed (and especially not on a weekend). That said what you are experiencing is called "key chatter", usually it is a hardware/switch issue that you cannot solve with a FW/software update. Your best option is to submit a ticket and go from there, most likely at the end of the process you'll have to RMA the keyboard: https://support.corsair.com/
  20. Yes, it has onboard memory and hardware playback. In order to save the profile on the onboard memory you need to select "HARDWARE PROFILE" when creating a profile (after selecting the Scimitar PRO beforehand) in CUE instead of "SOFTWARE PROFILE". After that a new box will appear to let you save the profile on the onboard memory. You need to specifically choose hardware profile since there are some limitations on what can be saved on the onboard memory.
  21. The black ones are here instead for those that don't want the white ones: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/corsair-gaming-pbt-double-shot-keycaps-black ;):
  22. I've had the original K70 RGB almost since it was out, I've never had any issue with it so far and it's been years. Of course issues can always pop up, but they're not the majority. As for the LED issue you've heard about, I believe it was related to the K70 non-RGB with blue LEDs. A few years ago there were troubles with those blue LEDs used, but it has nothing to do with the RGB ones though.
  23. That's something you need to report as a bug to Blizzard. The keys are light based on what data they send to the SDK. It looks like they are always sending the standard layout regardless of your chosen settings.
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