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I've have a K70 Lux on Red MXs for 3'ish years that suddenly started ghost typing* after a couple of minutes of use and proceeds to do it until I disconnect it and let it rest.


*When triggered, it spams the whole row of Tab to |


Only change that "might" have caused this is that I upgraded my Rig to a 5600x + B550A Strix which had default power settings in terms of USB power while turned off. I ignored to turn those settings off since the span of having my new system up and running and the issue with my K70 happening was just one night, <24 hours.


I've written to Corsair's Global email support (8 days ago as of this posting) with ticket #2003825930.


Tbh, I just want to know if this can still be repaired (already out of warranty) or if I'm just better off buying a new one.

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  • Corsair Employee

Hi Tinneezy,


First, we sincerely apologize for any delay you experienced due to extraordinary holiday support/service request volume.


I have forwarded your ticket directly to the Keyboard product specialist for immediate direct response. You should have something from him already. Please let him, or myself know, if you have any other questions or concerns.

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