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How do I save lighting to onboard memory?

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As title, I haven't bothered with the software for some time. I set up lighting some time ago, saved it, and never ran the software again.


I've reinstalled the software, and I can no longer see a way to save lighting effects without running the actual software.


In fact it seems more bare than ever?! Where have all the profile/lighting options gone? I shouldn't really be having to search the net for how to do something so simple...




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  • Corsair Employee
Yeah it's gone from version 3.38.61.


Only mouse DPI load's without Icue.

Keyboard and mouse lights are turned off when booting the pc.


Man this app is having a hard time lately :/


In the iCUE 3.xx software you will need to set your keyboard lighting to a static effect and then click on the 3-Dots on top of eachother next to PROFILES. From there you should see an option that stats "save static lighting to device" or something around that statement, press that button.

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