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Macros and WoW problem (Scimitar Pro RGB)


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So as the title states, albeit unclearly, is that I have a problem with Making a macro work in WoW. What I want to happen is I want to be able to use a skill and then immediately have a click function so as to execute that skill instantly where ever my pointer is at. To be more specific, for those who don't play WoW, some skills aren't instant cast when you use them, you have to select a place on the screen and then click to execute that skill where the mouse pointer was.


On paper, it seems relatively easy right, record a new macro, push this key then depress and click. Well the issue is, in WoW, the only thing that seems to register is the the initial keystroke pressed in that macro, and the click never seems to happen. Sorta frustrating, when in certain situations you need to either be able to do those two things almost simultaneously or react very fast, or you could die.


Now, I don't know if this is a Corsair problem or a WoW problem, but since you guys made it, I thought I would try here first.


And No, I don't think it's a WoW problem since I have seen it done before.


Anyone have any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?

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It is possible to set a macro on how you just explained it.


Let's say that the AOE skill you want to use it #1.


1. Open CUE, click on Actions

2. Hit the + key and select the G key on the mouse you want to set the skill

3. Make sure you also check " Mouse clicks" or this wont work

4. Hit record Macro, Hit #1 and left click

5. Stop macro recording and try this in game. ( you can't remove all delays)


I just tried this out with my frost mage and confirmed that it works. I hope this helps.

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Wow has built in functionality for those types of spells already


like for instance Death and Decay for DK's



/cast [@target] death and decay


this will drop a death and decay on your target



/cast [@mouseover] death and decay


this will drop a death and decay on whatver you mouse over



/cast [@player] death and decay


this will drop a death and decay at your feet.



this works for any spell that had that green retical after clicking the spell.

i use it for all my DH runes, warriors heroic leap, shaman healing spells, etc.

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I'm gonna reopen this old post.

I myself have problems using macros and have noticed that the exact sequence is:

1) open icue mouse software

2) Press actions and the related side button to use example g1

3) go to macro and press recording, at this point press key 1 on the keyboard which is equivalent to the g1 key on the side of the mouse.

4) stop the recording right away and the macro is done. I for example using addon for wow gnomesequence often use the macro speed settings "ms" so once the macro is recorded, go to the option clear all delays, and then insert event retarius.

put the preset number you want, for example 50 ms and press . in the macro screen you will see some ms for the macro.

in game to wow by pressing the side button mouse 1 you will run the macro you use at the desired speed.


note: I currently have a problem inserting the macro to its key in the game I see that if I press the pg moves me forward alone and I do not know what depends on

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