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Bring Back K95 18 Macros Keyboard


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I'm desperate on finding a keyboard with more than 6 macros and though my old keyboard is not working properly, I refuse to buy a new one. Seriously, I don't understand why they do not produce anymore!

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I settled for a Corsair OPEX K100 RGB with supplemental Newhui 12 Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from amazon at the left, and re purposed by old G keycaps from the k95s that died (I had literally four of the 18 key 130% k95s, one was destroyed by a coworker I lent it to from sugary coffee, and the other three after several years of everyday constant use started having issues) but I loved them and frankly they in a small way changed my life and I would have literally paid like $300 - $350 usd for a couple similar models but really its not so terrible having just the six with the same layout for macro keys.  It would be nice if it was all on the same base / level but you get used it for the most part w/ the left 12 being down a quarter inch or so.  Also a bummer because you cannot use the SDK to control those 12 macro keys from separate device.  Still disappointing I would really like to have seen that come back.  At least they made a wireless scimitar.  Perhaps they will one day revisit this.  I'm sure its just less friendly on the proforma - need to charge more for higher shipping, packaging, r and d and manufacture and they probably see some upper limit at the spend threshold on consumers for a keyboard.  Hard to tell that inscrutability to the proforma but you would think the ecosystem and goodwill was really what the PE firm purchased but what do I know.  Many years ago Taran had made video plead for Corsair to consider making a macro 18 key, which I also agree with still, because it would incorporate with icue and could clip on a la carte to existing kb's and be pretty sweet generally.  I would say smart money would be on that because they could charge a serious premium for simplified hardware that might even be able to have separate USB connectivity or maybe even wireless.

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Preaching to the choir mate.  I have 2 SDXLs 32 keys now one for home and one for office and I love them and I had 2 of the original smaller versions also 🙂

That said, there is not really a speed comparison between something like mechanical switches or OPX switches and the left hand convenience, or tactile feedback if you need to press the buttons many times or quickly at the left (assuming you are right handed like me and keep your SD on the right).

I think the new mk2 can rotate but I don't think it can lay flat?  Pardon the dog hair and the stains on the extended mouse mat but have a look



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The K95 mechanical keyboard with the 18G keys was the best keyboard ever made.
I hope Corsair is listening.  Please bring back the 18 G keys!

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