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LiquidText.exe The file cannot be accessed by the system

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I'm trying to program shortcut macros for each of the mouse buttons, specific to a program called LiquidText, although this problem occurs for all programs installed through the Windows market place.

There are no problems creating program specific shortcuts for any of my corsair mice with other programs like MSExcel or R,

but for programs in the WindowsApps folder, I get the error:

"The file cannot be accessed by the system."

I've already changed the owner of the AppData folder to Administrator, even tried User and System ownership, but, while this change has allowed me to navigate to the correct file, iCue still can't access the LiquidText.exe and assign it to its profile.

I changed the owner of the folder at the level of AppData, and included all child folders and files, because I want to do this with other programs too.

if it helps, this is the full path to the folder: C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\LiquidText.LiquidText_rx5mtpcf576t0

I'm using Windows 11 Pro, with Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless gaming mouse. all software and firmwares are up to date.

What kind of permissions does iCUE need to access, and thus associate profiles with .exe files in WindowsApps?


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