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NumLock/Caps/Scroll Lock lights not working


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So I noticed that the three indicator lights don't work any longer, for whatever reason that may be. NumLock is always on (The light anyways), regardless if it is on or not. Caps and scroll lock never come on, even if I activate them.


The functions themselves still work, though.


Attempting to close and restart CUE causes CUE to stop working and crash.


Unplugging and re-plugging the keyboard will let the indicators work for a few minutes, then it starts again.


Any help?

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So, it started working again out of nowhere. But, it seems that CUE has lost all but one of my profiles that I had saved. Weird.


I'll keep an eye on it and if it does it again, will submit a ticket to Corsair.

There is a rare bug that sometimes corrupts the profiles when CUE gets closed, Corsair is already aware of the issue and is looking into it. I was the first one to report the bug so I'm sure of it :D:

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