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Problems With New Ram (Corsair Vengeance Pro Series)


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Ok so I have Asus P7P55D LE motherboard and I'm having difficulties booting, I have 2x4GB and if I place 1 stick into A1 or B1 it boots up i've tried both. But if i put them in together it freezes at the asus logo screen. Once removing one of the sticks it works again can anyone help me? The last time i had this problem with another MB the Ram sparked and fried both the ram and motherboard.
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Found this thread: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2038862/p7p55d...


This part in particular:


"Asus reply me, they said :


- My processor CAN handle 16Go of RAM but only at 1333Mhz and NOT at 1600Mhz. This is the reason why the motherboard can't POST.


- However I ask why I cannot force the memory to be use at 1333Mhz and they respond : "Unfortunately I am afraid to say that it couldn't be said that, as if the cpu couldn't support that, the computer may meet many unstable issues like Bluescreen or freezing even if you let the memory run at 1333 MHZ"


What a nightmare !"

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