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  1. Hi Guys I recently purchased a K95 Platinum keyboard on the recommendation of my son, however, I have an issue with it that has been driving me nuts. Whenever I am not actually in a windows account, my keyboard does not light up. This is happens when I first turn on the pc or when I switch between my work account or my personal account. As my pc is in a dark corner of the room, a light up keyboard is essential so I can actually type in my account password to login to the account. I have even been though every profile and made sure they all have a lighting profile (even the ones for my wireless ironclaw mouse) but it has made no difference at all. We tried uninstalling the iCue software and resetting the keyboard and mouse, but I still have no lighting in between accounts, Any advise would be grateful.
  2. Hi guys I had the same problem, me and my son spent ages trying to find a solution. In the end we connected the mouse via USB that iCUE recognised and the mouse itself showed up in the software in wired mode. I then updated the firmware for the mouse itself and bingo, all of a sudden the pair button appeared and worked. I suspect it was down to the fact, for me at least, that the mouse was using a very old firmware version (v1. something) and I had updated the dongle firmware already to v 5. something. The mouse is now also on v5. something and I suspect this is why it suddenly started working and let me pair them. Hopefully, this will help one or two of you who seem to be having the same, if not similar, issue.
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