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Found 8 results

  1. My mouse was fine after updating to the latest version of iCue initially. I then did the update for the wireless dongle to v.5.0.84 and now my mouse is no longer detected. Tried a reset Tried a clean install (deleted all corsair folders including those in the registry) I tried reinstalling a previous version of icue. Tried uninstalling the devices in Device Manager No luck with anything. My mouse can connect to my computer using bluetooth, but pairing using the 2.4GHz method with the dongle no longer works. Has anyone encountered this and found a fix? i attached screenshots for reference. You can see the version number for the dongle and also that the "Initiate" button to start pairing is grayed out and can't be selected. The last screenshot shows my mouse connected to my pc with bluetooth. This sucks since i can't load my profiles on bluetooth.
  2. Hallo, leider bekomme ich die beiden Geräte K57 und Dark Core SE nicht an einem USB Empfänger gepairt? Das ist doch aber möglich oder? (einen Button: Pair Additional Slipstream Device hab ich nicht???) ich muss beide USB Empfänger verwenden und wenn diese auch noch nebeneinander in dem Ports stecken schaltet sich die Mouse ab? stören die sich gegenseitig? wenn ich beide USB Empfänger verwenden kann aber nicht die Beleuchtungsverknüpfung verwenden? (geht nur wenn ich ein Gerät über USB anschließe?) also wie kann ich denn K57 und Dark Core SE an einem USB Empfänger betreiben?
  3. Bonjour bonjour, Je n'arrive plus a appareillée ma souris en mode sans fil DARK CORE SE , Elle fonctionne correctement en filaire. J'ai essayé : Désinstaller ICUE et réinstaller vider les fichiers cachés du AppData Réinitialiser la souris avec les droite et gauche appareiller normalement avec la touche profil Rien n'y fait... :( Je me retrouve avec 2 souris dans mon ICUE, je joins deux screens de ICUE et mes logs. Une solution plz ? Je l'aimais bien sans fil moi cette souris log-icue.zip
  4. Hello! Today I bought the Ironclaw rgb Wireless and the mousemat MM700 Polaris. I put the dongle of the wireless mouse in the usb of the mousemat. And i connected the cable of the mouse in a usb port in my PC. It started working. I was already use ICUE for my keyboard so i opened the software and my mouse and mousemat were also added. I created my own profile for the ironclaw mouse, and the first hours it worked perfectly. But after a few hours, the settings will reset theirself. The changed buttons and colors are gone and back to factory defaults. So I checked up the internet and they gave as advice to pair the mouse in the settings of ICUE. When I click on this in the software settings, or also when I want to update the mouse firmware, it tells me to connect the USB cable directly. But the dongle is in my pc, and the mouse is also directly connected with the cable from mouse to PC. And the error still showes up that I have to connect the device to my PC with an USB cable. I tried to reset the mouse, I dont know if it worked well, but the error and the first problem about the factory default is still showing up.. Can you please help me? Thank you in advance. Kind regards
  5. I got a the cheapest wireless corsair headset a while ago and it was doing great. But my wireless dongle broke and so I was trying to get a new one, but I'm trying to use another from a different set temporarily. I plug it in, and my computer and ICUE recognizes that its plugged in and ready to be used. But since I need to re-pair it to my own headset, I use a paperclip to insert into the little hole that's in the dongle as the instructions say on how to make it enter pairing mode; aka make it blink a lot. But no matter how long I have the paperclip in there, nothing changes. I've heard people saying there's a button in the hole that I'm supposed to be pressing, but I feel nothing of the sort inside. This may be just me, but the matter of no matter how long I hold it in, at any angle, nothing responses. Please give any help you can, I really want to use my headset, and even if I get a new dongle, I need to re-pair it anyway and this might still happen.
  6. Ich habe seit dem letzten mal des anschaltens des Corsair Void Pro Headsets ein Problem. Das wäre nämlich,dass mein Headset sich nich mehr mit dem USB Dongle verbindet.:(: Je das Headset so auch der USB stick blinken beim einschalten,aber sie verbinden sich einfach nicht miteinander. Wie kann man bei dem Void Pro Headset den Pairingmode einschalten? MFG Laurenz:o:
  7. After flashing the firmware as instructed, the software told me to that it was in pair mode, and to press and hold the power button until LED indicators stop blinking. I have tried doing this several times and all that happens is the USB dongle keeps blinking and the "infomic" gets a green light on it as well as a red one. I have even held the power button for a couple minutes to no avail. Fix pls.
  8. Hello, After a firmware update my Void Wireless is not pairing anymore. Normally when you pair, the dongle is flashing a LED slowly, and when you hold the pair button it goes to rapidly flashing. The problem with my dongle is that it doesn't even slowly flash anymore. My headset goes into pairing mode like it should. I know the LED is working because after I had this problem it flashed once while putting it in the USB port. Already tried removing the drivers and reïnstalling them etc. Contacted support and they said I should send the headset to replace it but I first want to try this. Hopefully someone can help!
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