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  1. I built a PC in December and it worked fine for a couple of weeks then I started noticing crashes on my PC where the PC would turn off and the screen would just go black as if someone pulled the cord on the PC I googled the issue and found out it was a "power kernel 41" issue and could most likely be an issue relating to how the PC powers on or the boot settings if not driver and BIOS updates I did all of those things and still couldn't figure out the problem and as a last resort i updated the BIOS of the MOBO and it didn't seem to have worked at all. Around almost a week after updating the BIOS my PC crashed and then just stopped powering on which was like 3 weeks ago now. The RGB logo on the MOBO would still light up as well as that small power LED thing that is next to the PCIe power on the GPU when I connected the PC to power but pressing the power would not do anything I thought it may be a MOBO problem since I had recently updated the BIOS and returned my MOBO to amazon. I luckily still had a couple of days left on the return policy and claimed it as a broken MOBO and used the refunded cash to buy another one. Even with that new MOBO I had the same problem as in the the RGB logos on the MOBO and the power LED on the GPU would light up but pressing the power button would do nothing (BTW I have a MOBO with onboard power/reset buttons and I even shorted the front panel connectors for the power button with a screwdriver and nothing happened) I looked in to the problem a bit more and think that there's a chance my PSU may be damaged because I doubt that different MOBO's which are also different models would have the same issue and the initial problem of my PC crashing was I just updated the PC specs on my profile the PSU is the Corsair HX1000
  2. OK then I may as well just get a Commander Pro anyway as I would prefer to use the same software to control everything as all my components are from Corsair and for GPU and MOBO I have Asus branded ones so I can still sync lighting with Corsair stuff
  3. My question was can I use fan power splitters on a Commander Core NOT the Commander Pro (the Commander Core has no USB MOBO headers on it and does not have the 2 RGB lighting channels like the Commander Pro and instead only has fan power/LED and an AIO port as well as a single temp sensor) for the extra fans fan power cables side of the fans. I have the Commander Core not the Pro and it came included with my H150i Elite Capellix AIO but as for using a Commander Pro for extra fans I do NOT have one and here in the UK I can almost buy a 3 pack of ML120 RGB fans with a LED control box (as low as £60 if it is on sale or around 70-80 usually and £60 is the price of the Commander Pro which rarely goes on sale and if it does its usually like up to £5 off) or cover almost 2/3's of the cost of the new QL120 fans (£100 MSRP) which makes the Commander Pro seem too expensive if I am only going to need it to power 3 PWM fans on top of what I can do with the Commander Core when I can get a pack of braided fan power adapters for like £5 on amazon and just use the Lighting Node core that come with the extra fans
  4. I recently bought a Cosair H150i Elite Capellix and I want to install 9 fans in my PC I was wondering if I could use fan splitters on the Commander Core (a 2 way splitter on THREE of the 6 included fan power slots but for the RGB on the extra fans I will use a Lighting Node Core that comes included with a multipack of fans) I did a little bit of research and only found some info for the Commander Pro NOT the Commander Core and most people were saying not to use 3 way splitters and a max of around 8 fans but that is for the Commander Pro not the Core but I want to use 2 way splitters on 3 of the fan power slots for the extra 3 fans
  5. I need an AM4 mounting bracket for a H115i V2. I have had this CPU cooler for a while and had replaced it in my personal PC a couple of months ago with the one of those Corsair XT RGB coolers but as this cooler still works was thinking of building a cheaper AMD PC (I was using it on an i7 7700K when I first bought it and bought it before Ryzen was released) that I could hook this up to because I don't think there would be much of a point in me selling this as I won't get much compared to what I payed for it especially since it happens to be a liquid CPU cooler which has a potential to leak which can put people off from buying these things second hand
  6. Z.S

    Corsair 450D side panel

    Can someone PLEASE help been waiting over a week for a response and I haven't received any.
  7. I have the Corsair Obsidian series 450D case which I had stopped using and recently I thought I could use it again in a secondary PC and was looking to replace the acrylic side panel with another that did NOT have acrylic as it was badly scratched and damaged and acrylic scratches easily (rest of the case is in really good condition besides the top fan filter which easily gets scratched by the screws for the top fans). I then noticed how it looked exactly like a mirrored version of the rear right side panel but with an acrylic window in the middle (meaning it was basically the same side panels but the acrylic one is an upside down version of the non acrylic with a cutout for the acrylic) and surely enough when I test flipped the right side panel upside down it fit on the left side of the case perfectly and when I went on the Corsair website and looked for replacement parts to get a replacement right side panel but on the Corsair website they only have the acrylic side panel as a replacement side panel for the 450D and I then started noticing how many different corsair cases seem to have a similar side panel to the 450D as in the photos on the replacement parts section they look like the side panels on the 450D and was wondering if either there is a place I can still get the right side panel from or if there is any non windows side panels for another Corsair case that is available to purchase right now on the Corsair website that matches the right side panel of the 450D
  8. I have noticed a few problems with my Void Pro RGB Wireless which ONLY started after I updated iCUE to the latest version (v3.20.80) 1) I had turned on surround sound when I got it as I really liked it and I thought it sounded better BUT since this update it is off and whenever I try to turn it on it does NOTHING (it is supposed to make a beeping noise in the headset when turning on/off surround sound and that doesn't even happen also you should be able to toggle surround sound by pressing and holding the volume slider on the headset which is only makes the turning off surround sound beep which is different to the turning on surround sound beep) ALSO after owning the Void RGB Wireless and now the Void Pro RGB Wireless for around 3 years together total I can't even use these headphone's without surround sound as I have gotten so used to them. 2) I thought if there is a problem with the surround sound there must be other problems and after going through the software I noticed when I change the EQ it still sounds the same as it did before changing the EQ even when I use custom EQ settings (and I can't even change EQ using the headset which if I remember correctly was an actual feature on the headset if you press and hold the mic mute button). 3) The headset randomly turns off which it NEVER did before unless it was not on charging and no sound was being played or if the battery ran out now it would even sometimes shutdown when on charging and when I am listening to or watching stuff. I am sure it is probably iCUE related as I never had any audio problems before this update which I only installed because of some fixes involving the RGB lighting on my PC.
  9. I updated iCUE to version 3.20.80 BUT since updating it turned off surround sound on my Void Pro Wireless RGB and when I press the toggle Surround Sound on/off button on iCUE it does NOTHING (Usually it makes a beeping sound when I toggle the surround sound) also when I try to toggle surround sound on my headset by pressing the volume slider on the headset it does not work and does the turn off surround sound beep when I press the volume slider but it does not seem to do the slightly different beep it should do for turning on the surround sound. I can't even use my headset without surround sound turned on listening to stuff or watching videos on it sounds weird to me and I can't even play games without surround sound EDIT ALSO I am noticing now that it beeps randomly out of nowhere like roughly every 1-2 mins which it never normally did after I first configured the headset to my liking and it is VERY ANNOYING ANOTHER EDIT I am also now noticing that my headset auto shuts off ALL THE TIME after EVERY 5 minutes which it NEVER did before (It even stayed on if I left it on charging and my PC was off or whatever and even if I happened to leave it overnight or something because before it only auto shut off when it was on wireless mode and was not charging at all and had no sound going through it for around 5 or so minutes)
  10. Bumping the thread as I have waited a day for a reply and all threads posted after mine besides one have had more views and all but 2 have had more replies (one of the threads that had no replies had less views than this thread)
  11. You want a Lights off feature on iCUE BUT that has ALWAYS been there since the start as far as I know. 1) Open iCUE and look at the 4 tabs at the top (They should be "HOME", "DASHBOARD", "INSTANT LIGHTING" and "SETTINGS") 2) The tab that says "Instant lighting " is the one you need to click (all the instant lighting feature does is just set ALL the Corsair iCUE compatible RGB components in your system to ONE colour and whenever you log in to your PC your Corsair iCUE RGB stuff will ALWAYS change to that colour regardless of what profiles are currently set on the components and peripherals that have onboard storage and have lighting profiles set to them already) 3) Once you click on that tab a predefined set of colours (though I would prefer if Corsair gave us the option to create our OWN colours to put in to that tab as some of the colours do NOT match the light that comes out of the LED's if you set to that colour such as orange, lime green and pale green which appear as yellow, green and turquoise on my PC and also the dark green just appears as green on my PC but with the LED's dimmed) appear and you can choose anyone of them and one of them is "black" and because there is no such thing as black coloured light it just turns off the LED's on every Corsair iCUE compatible product you own
  12. I am considering upgrading my PC and I remember that Corsair was going to add MSI motherboard support with iCUE a few months before they released iCUE and I have all my RGB components from Corsair besides my motherboard and GPU which are from Asus. I want to know if I can use iCUE to control MSI motherboards and GPU's as I tried looking in to this but from what it seems like to me based on what I could find is just that some Corsair components such as their fans and RAM work on MSI Mystic Light. I want to use Corsair iCUE (have found it to be better than every RGB software I have tried (used 4 other software's from various companies over the past couple of years and even many youtubers say that Corsair iCUE is the best if not one of the top 3 best due to the various effects available as well as the fact that Corsair has products in almost every PC component type as well as peripherals and they can be all synced together in iCUE and in certain games for those who want that feature)
  13. I want a large case that is basically a full tower not a super tower the 1000D can do 2 rows of radiators in the front and top and can do fans/radiators in the bottom and the rear I just want 3x120 in the front and top and maybe a 3x140 max not a case that can do up to 8x120/140 fans in the front
  14. Obsidian 1000D is WAY TOO BIG It is meant for dual systems and a ton of storage I just want a custom loop with a dual GPU setup and space for a couple of 360 rads in the case not a case that has like 4 GPU's 2 systems and like 20TB or more of storage I mean the Obsidian 500D was a replacement for the Obsidian 450D and the Obsidian 1000D was a replacement for the Obsidian 900D but I was looking for a full tower not a super tower so basically just a case that is a replacement for the Obsidian 750D as that had 3x120mm support for the front and top at the same time the 500D could have had 3x120mm support maybe for the front and top together because the 450D had a 3x120mm for the top and 2x140mm for the front and it also had 2 drive bays in the front taking up some of the vertical space so it could have probably fit 360 in the front and the top at the same time and if not then the case could have been slightly enlarged by like half an inch for the depth and height to make the space
  15. I am looking for a new case with 360mm radiator support in the top whilst having support for 420mm radiator in the front (because I want to build a custom loop and was waiting for Corsair to enter the custom loop market so I could use iCUE on the RGB CPU/GPU blocks ands sync them with my RGB Light Loop fans and my RGB strips RGB RAM and Corsair peripherals because I have so many Corsair RGB products that I wouldn't be able to sync the custom loop to the rest of my stuff as it would need another software) and really like the look of the Corsair Obsidian Series 500D as I want a front tempered glass piece instead of a metal front piece or whatever (but with less restrictive airflow) and was wondering if you guys could release a full tower version of the Obsidian Series 500D. I mean the 500D was released as a replacement to the Obsidian Series 450D and there has been no recent full tower case releases from Corsair (I mean the most recent full tower case I remember you releasing was the Carbide Series Clear 600C/Carbide Series Quiet 600Q (released in like 2015 or 2016 if I recall correctly) which are technically the same case one just doesn't have a windowed side panel door on it and has sound dampening foam inside the panels)
  16. I don't want the Dark Core SE RGB the Ironclaw Wireless has more buttons and supposedly has lower latency which is why I am considering this over that and as for QI charging on the Dark Core SE RGB (even though I don't have that mouse) I am not a fan of it due to the fact that you can only charge it at a specific part of the MM1000 and the fact that the QI charger built in is off center making it harder to posision on that mouse mat and when putting it on a QI pad the mouse may not be level and thus may not charge as it would be leaning to one side ALSO I don't really mind there not being wireless charging as long as the mouse can charge fast as I am the type of guy who forgets to charge something such as my headset and then randomly out of nowhere during a online game the headset turns off and I have to look away from my screen and fumble around trying to get the cable and plug it in by which time I have lost the match or round
  17. What are the average charging times for the Ironclaw wireless such as how long does it take to get to 25% or 50% or fully charge also if Corsair could make a version of this mouse that wirelessly charges that would be even better
  18. I have been in the market for a new case for a while and cant find the right case as they are all lacking in some way I just want a mid/full tower tempered glass case that can support a 360 rad in the TOP (not looking for a supper tower like the Obsidian 900D as that is way too big the case I want needs to be roughly no taller than than the Corsair Obsidian 750D) and it needs at least 3x120mm fan mounts in the front and a tempered glass FRONT panel BUT with airflow in mind the Carbide 678C and the Crystal 680x from Corsair are both quite close but the 678C misses on the front tempered glass and still has an optical drive bay (don't give one about the drive bay but I feel there are other ways that space can be used) and the 680x is not long enough from front to back to support a 360 in the top If corsair can make front tempered glass airflow version of the 678C then I would definitely go and buy it (and if anyone is asking why I want the front tempered glass it is because I want RGB fans (which I do have I have 6 LL120 fans) in a case but a case with a metal front panel is a waste if you are using any LED/RGB fans)
  19. I really want this mouse too with RGB and wireless functionality but sadly the original Corsair Scimitar RGB replaced this mouse when it was released back in like 2014/15 as both have more than 2 side buttons excluding the Sniper button and were released as a MOBA or RTS or whatever mouse or any game where multiple buttons and macros would be preferred and quick response times like in eSports FPS titles do not really matter If you really want a vengeance M95 then I would just go on eBay as they stopped manufacturing those a few years ago but the problem would be that most gaming mice released since then have better response times even some wireless RGB gaming mice have faster response times such as the Corsair Dark Core RGB or the Corsair Harpoon Wireless RGB
  20. If you really don't have money to even consider buying a new mouse which I am sure you can do as I got mine for 40% off and that was over 2 years ago when I got the M65 Pro (I use the glaive now as I broke the M65 Pro RGB (I press the LMB harder than most people and I snapped the bit that dangles off the top that pushes in to the switch on TWO M65 Pro's and I actually like the shape and feel of it) and even after claiming the guarantee broke the replacement so gave up on it) Claim the guarantee on your mouse or get the M65 Pro on sale or if you really don't to buy the mouse and cannot claim a replacement and want to use that mouse then I would only recommend replacing the cable if you own a soldering kit and know how to solder
  21. I have had the Corsair Glaive RGB for around 9-10 months or something like that and since around a couple of days ago I have noticed a problem (which I am pretty sure has nothing to do with anything being broken). When using the scroll wheel it wouldn't register properly and I noticed that as the scroll wheel is just a wheel with a rubber ring around it like a tire over a car wheel the rubber around it is loosely spinning when I scroll and the wheel is not moving unless I use more force. It isn't broken just that whatever method used to attach the rubber ring to the wheel (I assume it was most likely glued) has worn out over time
  22. Title says it all (I recently got Wallpaper Engine as it now supports iCUE and I have almost everything in my PC from Corsair and with RGB) the LED's on my Vengeance RGB Pro do not sync with wallpaper engine and neither does my CPU cooler (though I can somewhat understand the CPU cooler as it is the Corsair H115i RGB the original RGB version not the Pro/Platinum versions which have new fancier CPU blocks and better RGB lighting and cooling and I may consider getting the Platinum version if it does support Wallpaper Engine otherwise I will wait for the Corsair custom water cooling parts and try to build my first custom loop as they can then sync with iCUE as well)
  23. Z.S

    Problem with PC

    sry for the late response (you didn't respond till the day after which is why I am responding late) but all of a sudden my PC just started working fine out of nowhere before if I had Vengeance RGB Pro RAM installed it would only work after installing the RAM if the PC had been shutdown but now it is always working working so I don't have use my old RAM or have to keep reinstalling the RAM after wanting to turn my PC on if it is off
  24. Make the Fake RAM distinguishable from real RAM from the sides at least the top needs to match the real RAM but if there is an engraving in the dummy RAM sticks on the side then it makes it harder for people to resell them as real RAM sticks EDIT also I think £40 is a little too steep I would pay £35 max for it especially since it is worth as much as the Lighting Node Pro and I have seen it for that low of a price before
  25. Z.S

    Problem with PC

    I upgraded my Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) 2666Mhz RAM to the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200Mhz 16GB (2x8GB). After doing the upgrade the PC seemed fine and I was browsing the internet for around half an hour before turning off my PC and leaving the house. Upon returning and trying to boot the PC would not even post it would turn on and all the LED's on on my fans and RGB strips worked but the motherboard LED that turns on under normal boot did not even work (it starts off as a red LED that changes to orange then turns off and changes to white then green and once the bios screen appears on my monitor the LED turns off). After doing some testing I noticed that the Vengeance RGB Pro RAM sticks ONLY work if I had just installed them before booting my PC as if there is a switch or something that gets flicked or pressed when I take out the RAM as my PC seems to know I removed them and also restarting my PC seems to have no issues with the RAM sticks only if I shutdown. But even after using the PC if I shut it down then it does the same problem all over again so again I disconnect the power and reinstall the RAM then it will work for reason (I do not really mess with BIOS settings as I have never manually overclocked before). I decide to reinstall my old RAM but that works perfectly fine even after I shutdown my PC
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