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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Just been having a problem with my mic. It is connected up to my headset, yet my pc wont detect it. I have tried using the usb adapter as well as just using the aux cable. None have worked. Another issue I have had is that iCUE does not detect the headset. I do not know if these issues are related or not. I really need the mic to work for an interview in a few weeks, so would be appreciated if someone can help asap.
  2. Hello All, I'm not really sure how to describe this problem, but I've had it occur on two different computers so I want to seek out help. I am using the Void Pro Wireless headset with Dolby Surround set to on. When I'm playing games or watching movies, sometimes randomly the audio will shift mid-talking in a cutscene or something. It won't cut out or anything, but it's like all bass just suddenly stops and the voices sound like they've lost their depth. then it will come back after like 5 seconds. It's done this with several games, and seems to do it whether or not im in discord calls. I've not been able to find a clear forum post like this issue, so decided to make an account and post one myself. Does anyone know what is going on or what I need to fix? I installed this headset on a fresh computer with no speaker and I believe no audio drivers besides the basic ones that come with Windows. This is the only audio device I use for output - I have a Blue Yeti mic for input. As far as I know I have disabled the auto-adjusting feature in windows, but I will double check just to make sure. Thank you for any support
  3. I own a Void Pro Wireless that I've come to love. I wanted to upgrade to the Void Elite Wireless (which I believed was better in every way since you know, it's supposed to be it's direct upgrade, a more recent version). My problem revolves around the surround system which feels much worse on the Void Elite compared to the Void Pro. With the old headset (Void Pro) : - This is what is displayed in iCUE when my old headset is connected. - This is what is displayed when I click on it. Now with the new headset (Void Elite) : - This is what is displayed in iCUE when my new headset is connected (notice how the name of the headset goes from "Void Pro Wireless" to "Void Elite Wireless"). - This is what is displayed when I click on it (notice how the name of the surround, as well as the icon, goes from "Dolby Surround" to "7.1".) So I thought "Wait, maybe I need to turn on Dolby surround in the Windows' sound tab". To my disbelief, it was never on with the old headset. It couldn't be since Windows asks me to download the Dolby app if I want to turn the Dolby surround on. So, I would like to know if there is a way to get the Dolby surround system (of the Void Pro) enabled on my new headset (Void Elite) instead of that new "7.1" and supposedly better surround ? It hurts me to realize that my girlfriend bought me a new headset and it's actually worse than the old one even though it's supposed to be an upgrade. EDIT : Just realized the Elite is actually worse than the Pro. Looks like there's no issue then, I just made a costy mistake. If any admin walks by, please delete this thread.
  4. So not sure if this is how it's supposed to be. But I can't adjust the EQ inside of iCue or turn on surround sound when my Virtuoso headset is in wireless mode. If plugged in with USB I can adjust the EQ settings fine but it has no effect when I switch back to wireless. Thanks
  5. I recently bought these and was loving them until I got into an FPS game and could not determine where the footsteps and shooting was coming from. That is when I downloaded ICUE and fiddled around with the different settings but to no avail. I've even tried Microsoft spatial sound and still nothing. Not sure if headset was made to be like this but advertising "surround sound" I thought they would be great. I previously owned a pair of $30 Turtle Beaches' and had much clearer directional audio. I hope I can get some help with this.
  6. So I've bought this headset 2 days ago, and ever since i plugged it in i keep getting told that I'm very quiet. I've read multiple threads already, but nothing that was recommended seemed to help, the only thing i havent tried is installing a software to boost the mic, but I'm not really a fan of that, since i dont want to rely on 3rd party software. My other problem is, that whenever i activate the 7.1 Surround sound, after a while it will randomly cut out and back in. I've read that having the sound quality above 44.1khz makes windows 10 mess everything up, yet i cant seem to change the sound quality. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  7. I have noticed a few problems with my Void Pro RGB Wireless which ONLY started after I updated iCUE to the latest version (v3.20.80) 1) I had turned on surround sound when I got it as I really liked it and I thought it sounded better BUT since this update it is off and whenever I try to turn it on it does NOTHING (it is supposed to make a beeping noise in the headset when turning on/off surround sound and that doesn't even happen also you should be able to toggle surround sound by pressing and holding the volume slider on the headset which is only makes the turning off surround sound beep which is different to the turning on surround sound beep) ALSO after owning the Void RGB Wireless and now the Void Pro RGB Wireless for around 3 years together total I can't even use these headphone's without surround sound as I have gotten so used to them. 2) I thought if there is a problem with the surround sound there must be other problems and after going through the software I noticed when I change the EQ it still sounds the same as it did before changing the EQ even when I use custom EQ settings (and I can't even change EQ using the headset which if I remember correctly was an actual feature on the headset if you press and hold the mic mute button). 3) The headset randomly turns off which it NEVER did before unless it was not on charging and no sound was being played or if the battery ran out now it would even sometimes shutdown when on charging and when I am listening to or watching stuff. I am sure it is probably iCUE related as I never had any audio problems before this update which I only installed because of some fixes involving the RGB lighting on my PC.
  8. After messing around with settings and uninstalling and deleting files I found a fix that may help :) Go into settings and then devices, and find your headset and remove it. Once that's done unplug the headset and put it back in it should fix all of the issues. Hope I could help anybody :loveeyes:
  9. Hello, Is there a way to make it so I can use the 7.1 surround sound option for my Void Pro without using iCue? I've been dealing with my temp readings freezing up and would much rather use Corsair Link 4 till the problem is permanently fixed in a future update. Is there a work around for this? Just specifically for the surround sound for my headphones? I haven't been using 7.1 surround for quite some time due to my mic quality being terrible while using iCue but I guess they pushed out a version to fix it sometime in the past.
  10. This is my fist time on this forum, i was hoping to get some help regarding my seemingly audio issues. first off im pretty new to PC scene a whole, so i was looking for headsets to buy at a mid range and got recommended hs60s for having great audio, comfort and 7.1 surround sound, when i got them i enabled the 7.1 in the ICUE when i play games like black ops/black out. i can pick up foot steps and shots but have no clue where they are coming from. when i play the same game but on xbox with my astros i can instantly tell the surround sound is working properly and can pin point whats going on.
  11. I recently purchased a Void RGB Wireless (white) headset from Amazon. The volume for the headset is extremely loud. I had to have the master volume under 20 for anything to be bearable. I Googled some solutions and am currently using the Equalizer APO; however, in order for me to have a tolerable level I need to adjust the dB so much that I get a really loud static sound from it. So, for now, I've settled with it just having it at a -20 dB, and having my master volume under 30. It's still quite loud though. I've now noticed I cannot select this headset for spatial sound, and be able to check the box to turn on 7.1 surround sound. I just updated CUE to the most recent version. Nothing has changed. Is there anything else I can do? EDIT: I should add I am using Windows 10.
  12. I updated my CUE 2 this morning and now my 7.1 surround on my Void wireless will not work at all. I have tried restarting my PC multiple times, I have re-installed the software and drivers multiple times. CUE will "switch" between Dolby 7.1 and 2.0 on the software but it does absolutely nothing. My audio sounds like absolute garbage as well. Profiles are useless as well. Windows does not recognize my headset as 7.1 either, it is grayed out and unchecked. I can't figure out what the deal is and nothing I have searched has helped, only stuff I have seen is "have you restarted? Have you re-installed?" and nothing of substance. Trying to find someone who can help me and not say the same thing every other person tells someone :brick::[pouts: lol
  13. I've owned the h2100 for little over a year and it's worked fantastically until recently. After receiving the message "Not enough USB controller resources" on several occasions the headset audio would cut, this prompted me to fix the issue by switching USB ports. This time, the issue did not fix and I restarted my PC. When I restarted my PC the audio was restored but now the headset sounds like it only plays 2.0 audio. I switched to several different USB ports, uninstalled the driver via the Corsair gaming headset setup and removed completely with device manager and reinstalled and still the headset will only play audio as if it was in 2.0. Switching to 7.1, 5.1 and hitting the power button by the dolby emblem changed little. The speaker symbols in the Corsair gaming headset control panel only show two speakers infront of me out 6 lighting up when I hear sound on anything other than video games. Listening to music via youtube OR itunes for example is only in 2.0 and sounds TERRIBLE compared to how it used to sound. When I launch a game, the game will be in surround and sounds fine. Is there anyway to restore 7.1 surround to my other applications?:confused:
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