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Found 10 results

  1. Buenas, acabo de comprar los Virtuoso RGB Wireless hace apenas 5 días. Sólo que comencé a tener un problema que realmente no logro entender. A veces la conexión por USB tiene un pequeño fallo y se escucha un pitido, sin embargo lo extraño es que sólo sucede cuando los tengo puestos y me levanto de la silla. Es como si tuviera un falso contacto, pero si no los llevo puestos, incluso agitandolos para replicar el fallo no sucede. Otra cosa de la que me di cuenta es que el volumen es más alto cuando está en modo wireless que cuando está por conexión USB. ¿Alguna idea de a que se deba?
  2. Hello, I have bought a new Virtuoso RGB Wireless after I had this problem with my old one (At the beginning it was all ok but after almost a month it has started to beep in the wireless (Slipstream) mode, no matter whether sound is played or not) I searched for help and many people had simmilar problems and the others said that he/she should replace it with a new one. So I swapped my old headset only to find out that I have the same problem with my new one. So I need your help, what can I do so solve this problem. I almost tried the other USB ports of my PC and if I try it with aux then I dont have this problem. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hallo, Ich habe mir ein neues Virtuoso RGB Wireless gekauft nachdem ich dieses Problem bei meinem alten hatte (Am Anfang war alles ok aber nach knapp einem Monat fing es im Wireless (Slipstream) Modus an zu piepen, egal ob Ton abgespielt wird oder nicht) Ich habe in verschiedenen Foren nach einer Lösung gesucht und viele Leute hatten ähnliche Probleme und die anderen sagten, dass er/sie das Headset durch ein neues ersetzen sollte. Also habe ich mein altes Headset umgetauscht, nur um herauszufinden, dass ich das gleiche Problem mit meinem neuen Headset auch habe. Also brauche ich eure Hilfe, was kann ich tun, um dieses Problem zu lösen. Ich habe die anderen USB-Anschlüsse meines PCs auch schon ausprobiert und wenn ich es mit Aux versuche, habe ich dieses Problem nicht. Außerdem bekomme ich, wenn ich es per USB anschließe auch keinen Ton! Danke schonmal für die Hilfe im Voraus!
  4. Hey guys I bought a new Void Elite 7.1 USB headset. I have already installed the Corsair Icue but even with that the sound is so low and bad with USB connection. When I try 3.5mm its better than USB, but with this I cant use mic. Can you guys help me for that please?
  5. Bonjour ! Mon casque Virtuoso SE RGB a plusieurs soucis dont je ne connais pas la source puisque j'ai installé tous les bons drivers et maj récemment et plusieurs fois. Les problèmes : -Lorsque je joue à différent jeux iCUE affiche plusieurs casques (ce qui cause plein de problèmes de son puisque le son est envoyé plusieurs fois) -Lorsque je branche mon casque en câblé (pour justement résoudre le premier problème temporairement) il y a un bruit blanc en fond désagréable -Souvent les LED de mon casque se figent sur une seule couleur -Mon casque est renommé "Virtuoso (1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1) [...]". Ce problème n'est pas grave mais peut sûrement aider à trouver une solution Tous ses problèmes font que je ne peux pas jouer en mode sans fil à des jeux, et donc j'ai un bruit blanc en permanence en fond. Merci de vos réponses !
  6. I have noticed a few problems with my Void Pro RGB Wireless which ONLY started after I updated iCUE to the latest version (v3.20.80) 1) I had turned on surround sound when I got it as I really liked it and I thought it sounded better BUT since this update it is off and whenever I try to turn it on it does NOTHING (it is supposed to make a beeping noise in the headset when turning on/off surround sound and that doesn't even happen also you should be able to toggle surround sound by pressing and holding the volume slider on the headset which is only makes the turning off surround sound beep which is different to the turning on surround sound beep) ALSO after owning the Void RGB Wireless and now the Void Pro RGB Wireless for around 3 years together total I can't even use these headphone's without surround sound as I have gotten so used to them. 2) I thought if there is a problem with the surround sound there must be other problems and after going through the software I noticed when I change the EQ it still sounds the same as it did before changing the EQ even when I use custom EQ settings (and I can't even change EQ using the headset which if I remember correctly was an actual feature on the headset if you press and hold the mic mute button). 3) The headset randomly turns off which it NEVER did before unless it was not on charging and no sound was being played or if the battery ran out now it would even sometimes shutdown when on charging and when I am listening to or watching stuff. I am sure it is probably iCUE related as I never had any audio problems before this update which I only installed because of some fixes involving the RGB lighting on my PC.
  7. Hey, i bought the Corsair Void Pro Wireless 7.1 a week ago. But i have all the time static noise in the background which goes on everytime the headset receives sound. I tried multiple usb slots 3.0/2.0 and EQ settings. But i cant fix it. I think the problem is the Corsair Utility Engine. If i uninstall it the background noise disappears. But i want to use 7.1 so i need another way to fix it. Anyone know another way to fix my problem? Maybe with an older version of the driver or something else?
  8. Basically for some reason I dont have a 3d sound, may be I am putting in a wrong hole or something but there is no 3d sound and tried different things like plugging in different ports or reinstalling driver. Manually trying to turn on windows sonic immediately turns it off. Dont know what to do
  9. I had to reinstall Windows 10 yesterday and in turn the iCUE software. I noticed that the sound, when using iCUE, is really muffled/echo'y and not as clear as it used to be. When I turn off iCUE, the sound is back to normal. I've messed with different settings with the equalizer but can't seem to hear things as clear as when I have the software off. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no fix. I use iCUE for my keyboard (K70) and mouse (Scimitar) so leaving it off isn't really an option I want to do. Anyone else with this issue?
  10. Hi! When charging my HS70s they make a buzzing sound, is that normal? Also, when charging overnight they only charge to roughly 60-80%, is that normal too? Thanks in advance.
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