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Found 7 results

  1. Good morning! I am awaiting for an Msi 3090 Ti Suprim X to arrive and i already bought and installed an Hx1000 PSU. The rail switch was preset to multirail . My concern is where should i set it for the specific gpu . The gpu has a tdp of 450 - 480 watts and with the well known transient spikes the 3000 series have , it could reach even 550 watts . So i assume that if the 12v rails in multirail config has a max of 40A ( 480 watts ) will trigger the OCP and shutdown the Pc right? Is the better solution to set it from the beginning to single rail ? And are there any concerns about it ( safety wise ) ?
  2. I'm replacing my PSU for the HX1000 one do you know if the existing cables from RM850x will work on the HX1000?
  3. I built a PC in December and it worked fine for a couple of weeks then I started noticing crashes on my PC where the PC would turn off and the screen would just go black as if someone pulled the cord on the PC I googled the issue and found out it was a "power kernel 41" issue and could most likely be an issue relating to how the PC powers on or the boot settings if not driver and BIOS updates I did all of those things and still couldn't figure out the problem and as a last resort i updated the BIOS of the MOBO and it didn't seem to have worked at all. Around almost a week after updating the BIOS my PC crashed and then just stopped powering on which was like 3 weeks ago now. The RGB logo on the MOBO would still light up as well as that small power LED thing that is next to the PCIe power on the GPU when I connected the PC to power but pressing the power would not do anything I thought it may be a MOBO problem since I had recently updated the BIOS and returned my MOBO to amazon. I luckily still had a couple of days left on the return policy and claimed it as a broken MOBO and used the refunded cash to buy another one. Even with that new MOBO I had the same problem as in the the RGB logos on the MOBO and the power LED on the GPU would light up but pressing the power button would do nothing (BTW I have a MOBO with onboard power/reset buttons and I even shorted the front panel connectors for the power button with a screwdriver and nothing happened) I looked in to the problem a bit more and think that there's a chance my PSU may be damaged because I doubt that different MOBO's which are also different models would have the same issue and the initial problem of my PC crashing was I just updated the PC specs on my profile the PSU is the Corsair HX1000
  4. Hallo Corsair Community, ich habe eventuell was dummes gemacht. Bei meinem PC Upgrade habe ich meinen aktuellen PC (i7-8700k, MSI Z370, GTX 1080TI) upgraden wollen mit einer RTX 3080TI. Leider hat mein Netzteil ( Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 850 W) dann bei Kartenbelastung abgeschalten. Ich wollte mein Netzteil dann einfach tauschen gegen ein HX1000. Leider habe ich nicht bedacht dabei auch die Kabel auszutauschen. Es steckten noch 24Pin und 8Pin CPU sowie 2x8Pin PCIe. PC startete leider nicht. Ich hab natürlich sofort das alte wieder eingebaut und es ging nicht mehr. Deswegen habe ich alles ausgebaut und einzeln getestet: 1. Test Netzteile mit 24 Pin Brücke testen. - Stellt sich raus Corsair geht noch und Thermaltake nicht mehr. 2. Mainboard angeschlossen mit Corsair und den Originalen Kabeln. - Mainboard startet wieder sogar mit Graka. Nur nach beim starten eines Spiels war meine M2 nicht mehr erkannt und Bluescreen. Nach 2 neustarts ging es wieder. Jetzt die Frage an euch: Ich upgrade auf AMD und X570 und wollte Kompinenten wie RAM und M2 wiederverwenden. Ist am alten Mainboard was kaputt oder könnte dadurch kaputtgegangen sein? Letzter Stand ist, dass es gelaufen ist. Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe. Ich habe eigentlich schon viele PCs gebaut, aber leider noch nie ein PSU getauscht und wusste dies nicht.
  5. Hi, I could not be 100% sure if the original cable between PSU HX1000 platinium ( 2021 model) and AX1200i ( 2013 or 2014) can be swapped safely. From compatibility corsair chart all type 3 and type 4 cable except 24 pin seems to be compatible. - However for Molex/4 pin, the pinout seems different (see picture attached). why original cable between HX1000 and AX1200i can be swapped with different pinout? - PCIE/sata the pinout are the same so can they be swapped? Thank you
  6. Hello everyone, I recently purchased an HX1000. It comes with 4x Type 4 PCIe cables (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Type-4-Sleeved-black-PCIe-cable-with-pigtail-connector-and-capacitors-for-Type-4-PSU/p/CP-8920143). However, these cables daisy chain to an additional 6+2 pin connector. For aesthetics, I'd rather the cable only have one 6+2 pin connector and still be sleeved. The only official Corsair cable I can find that meets this criteria is Type 3 (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Type-3-Sleeved-Black-PCIe-Cable/p/CP-8920111). The cable lists as compatible with the HX series, and the compatibility chart shows the HX1000 as being compatible (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/psu-cable-compatibility) with both Type 3 and Type 4 PCIe cables. So I'm confident the Type 3 PCIe cables will work, but is there an advantage to using Type 4 over Type 3 PCIe cables? I've read that Type 4 cables have built-in capacitors that can reduce ripple suppression. Will this even have an affect? Thank you, Brett
  7. I read that corsair hx1000i only has inrush current of 36,50 (230v). Unfortunately only hx1000 is in stock. Is hx1000 is essentially hx1000i without the digital stuff? Article is from 2014 https://www.techpowerup.com/review/corsair-hx1000i/5.html
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