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Found 25 results

  1. As the title says, it simply stopped working after a Firmware update happened, just the wireless at least, wired works 100% fine. I think it might be a pairing problem, but I'm not too sure, once the head set is set to wireless it stays blinking red, IQUE doesn't detect the headset, and the USB also blinks red, but it is being detected by IQUE, in device manager and Sound (for picking/disabling audio) the USB is being showed as "Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless SE Gaming Headset" and whenever any audio is on, I.E Youtube, I can clearly see some audio is being "tracked" I've tried finding old firmware for the headset online, but I couldn't find any at all. I've updated both the receiver and the Headset (with USB) many times, and no update fixes it. I've had the headset for about 6 months now, and wireless stopped working within the 2-3rd month. The attached image on device manager shows the wireless headset and microphone being detected, but the IQUE image clearly shows that the headset it not being detected, so does the Sounds Windows has no problem with finding the headset, so it should clearly work, it just... doesn't Ive uninstalled drivers for the USB, and the headset many times I've also let the Headset die and fully charge, didn't work (saw that it might be a solution) I've also, also, reset windows, a fully fresh install. changed From IQUE 4.?? to IQUE 3.?? back to 4.?? a few times Thank you.
  2. Hi there guys, I recently bought a pair of Corsair Virtuoso SE everything is great, but I'm been having an small issue when using the 2.4Ghz Wireless Connection. I sometimes get interference from 2.4Ghz devices around my house, which distorts and breaks the sound quality at certain times. Specifically. - My modem is pretty close to my room. - Certain devices like first gen Smart TVs, Wifi Cameras, Wifi Lights. I wanted to know on which WLAN channel do Corsair Virtuoso 2.4Ghz run in (if possible to know), in other to adjust my modem on a non-overlapping WLAN Channel in order to reduce the interference I might experience. I appreciate any help you could provide. Regards.
  3. Buenas, acabo de comprar los Virtuoso RGB Wireless hace apenas 5 días. Sólo que comencé a tener un problema que realmente no logro entender. A veces la conexión por USB tiene un pequeño fallo y se escucha un pitido, sin embargo lo extraño es que sólo sucede cuando los tengo puestos y me levanto de la silla. Es como si tuviera un falso contacto, pero si no los llevo puestos, incluso agitandolos para replicar el fallo no sucede. Otra cosa de la que me di cuenta es que el volumen es más alto cuando está en modo wireless que cuando está por conexión USB. ¿Alguna idea de a que se deba?
  4. Hey there! I've purchased my headphones a week ago, and I started getting a weird problem with the battery indicator after I tried to fix the static that you get with the headphones (was a driver issue), but now every like 10mins I get a beep, telling me that my headphones are low on battery, however they're at 80% (or more), and on the third beep, they turn off themselvs. Anyone else had this problem? If so, please let me know how I can fix it. Thank you for taking your time! Have a great rest of your day/night!
  5. Ich habe am Samstag (1.5.2021) ein Firmware Update für das Viruoso gemacht Jetzt kann ich es aber nicht mehr Per Wireless verbinden ich habe auch schon den Dongel in alle USB Anschluss ein gesteckt Bilder https://ibb.co/QFYBvdZ https://ibb.co/5sht14P
  6. Bonjour, J'ai un problème sur mon casque Virtuoso Wireless SE il ne se connecte plus à son dongle et ils font de la lumière rouge clignotant (micro, dongle, diode sur le coté gauche du casque) sauf le logo Corsair sur les côtés du casque qui est en bleu clair. Le casque fonctionne en mode USB avec micro. J'ai forcé la maj sur le dongle avec ICUE en v4 qui a marché mais sans succès, j'ai fait de même avec le casque mais avec ICUE en v3 car impossible de le faire en v4 car bouton grisé, Maj réussi mais sans succès. J'ai essayé de réappairer le dongle et le casque mais il reste bloqué sur la vérification du branchement du dongle, appairage testé depuis les paramètres du casque, car dongle bouton grisée. Le casque a commencé à clignoter rouge car je l'avais laissé en mode Wireless plusieurs heures sans l'étendre et dongle débranché, j'ai rechargé le casque toute la nuit et rien n'y fait. Merci d'avance.
  7. Hallo liebe Corsair Community. Ich habe einer Freundin das Virtuoso Wireless Headset gekauft, da ich bereits mit der SE sehr gute Erfahrungen gesammelt habe. Jedoch haben wir dieses mal Folgendes Problem: Im Wireless Betrieb ist sobald Sound abgespielt wird ein sehr störendes Rauschen im Hintergrund zu hören. Wenn der Lautstärkepegel runtergedreht ist, hört man das rauschen stärker als der eigentliche Sound. Erhöht man die Lautstärke wird das Rauschen unerträglich laut. Habe bereits Ports geswitcht, Treiber neu installiert und andere EQ Einstellungen getestet. Leider ohne Erfolg. Hat jemand ein ähnliches oder sogar das selbe Problem?
  8. I bought the headphones at Pcdiga.com about 4 weeks ago, on the first day the headphones worked well, however, on the second day so far I am experiencing: the volume is lower, daring cracking and interference in the sound ... Help
  9. Hello there. So I have had this headset for about two months, great headset but I’ve been having problems for about a week now. I don’t know what caused this issue, but my headset no matter how long it has been charging (I have used a wall outlet, a portable charger, and via computer USB) when I unplug the headset I hear “Battery critical.” It also displays a blinking red next to the USB charging port whether it is charging or not. Currently I have the headset plugged into a wall outlet with the button in the middle to ensure it is off. My only option for work-related calls and video gaming is to walk around with the headset plugged into a portable charger which can be very inconvenient. I am currently running on Dongle Firmware v 0.16.80, firmware v 0.17.149 and ICUE software version 3.34.170 To be clear, the ICUE device settings tells me the headset is charging when I am charging it. Additionally, I am now not hearing any audio output from the voice prompts (Charging battery, battery critical, etc). I also went into a voice communication software where I was unable to hear people joining/leaving channels (the headset is not picking up my audio output either). Any help would be appreciated Edit: audio drivers crashed, headset audio works it’s just the battery issue.
  10. Hello, I recently bought the Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB SE and I really liked them. It's true they could be more comfortable, but I think they sound pretty awesome. The problem is that the wired/wireless button is kinda loose and it makes a really annoying sound. This only happens when I'm using a hoddie or when I move it with my finger. The sound is something like "clack clack clack" and I can hear it inside the headset, Idk if this is normal or is an factoy problem. Thanks a lot!
  11. So i bought this headset like i'd say a week or 2 ago now, and arrived a week ago. ive been using it and it has served me well except for one problem. So in the left ear cup, it seems like its filtering out a lot of the bass and also extremely quiet, whereas in the right, its normal. I tried one of those stereo audio tests (7.1 was even worse) and it sounded really odd in left channel. I dont know what to do, please help.
  12. hallo, seit einigen Tagen kann ich mein Virtuoso Headset nicht mehr über den USB Dongle verbinden, über das USB-C Kabel geht alles tadellos.:!: Was ich bisher ausprobiert habe: Dongle Firmware-Version Aktualisieren ICUE Software Aktualisieren Headset entfernen und neu einrichten Den Dongle zu Koppeln. Wenn ich das Headset in den Wireless modus schalte und der Dongle mit dem system verbuden ist, blinkt das Headset und das Dongle Rot, und nach einiger zeit hört das Dongle auf zu blinken.:(: Wenn ich das Dongle in mein System stecke meldet Windows, das dass Gerät fertig eingerichtet ist. In Icue ist bei den Geräteeinstellungen jedoch nur mein Ram, das über USB verbundene Headset und das "Virtuoso Dongle" zu sehen, bei dem man keine Einstellungen vornehmen kann.:confused: Wenn ich Versuche das Dongle zu Koppeln, wird diese Meldung angezeigt: "Stellen Sie sicher, dass der drahtlose USB-Empfänger in ihr System eingesteckt ist" diese Meldung steht einfach ewig da und es passiert nichts. Danke für die Hilfe schonmal im voraus. LG
  13. Moin alle miteinander. Ich besitze im Moment ein Void Pro Headset und möchte mir demnächst auch eine wireless Maus kaufen. Da ich meistens am Laptop bin - USB Slots sind ja immer rar, möchte ich fragen, ob ich beide Geräte über einen Dongle laufen lassen kann.
  14. I got this headset yesterday and it was working just fine. I shut down my computer and charged the headset with the provided cable over night. When I booted up this morning it would no longer connect wirelessly. Wired connection works fine. It won't pair with the dongle. iCUE shows an error with the dongle with no further information. I have tried this. I have un-installed and re-installed iCUE. I have tried installing older versions of iCUE. I have tried to force firmware update on the dongle. I have un-installed the device through USBDeview. I have removed the device through Windows. I removed it through the device manager. I have updated Windows. I have restarted my computer more times than I can count. The last thing I have yet to try it to drain the battery and try re-installing from there which I am doing now. It's a good thing I let it charge all night long. I have submitted a ticket to Corsair but I doubt I will be hearing back before the middle of next week. I am ready to send this back now. This is incredibly frustrating. Edit: Found this in the logs, don't know what to make of it.
  15. So one thing I like is that with the wireless mice, it shows a battery icon on the bottom right (https://kipli.ng/image?i=gc33acz.png) when using Windows. However, it doesn't show a battery icon or any icon on how much battery is left on wireless headsets though (not sure about keyboards though since I don't have one). I wish there was a mouse/keyboard/headset icon there that changes color depending on how much battery is left. Like green is fully charged, yellow is medium/halfway, and red is close to dying. When hovered over, it will tell you the battery status (high/medium/low OR the battery percentage)
  16. I was mid game when my left ear stopped giving out sound. No settings were changed, or any updates made. It just stopped. I tried the following troubleshooting steps. Restart pc. Uninstall, restart, reinstall, restart, make sure icue is on and then turn on headset. Soft reset on headset. Uninstall icue and reinstall as admin. Nothing has worked. I've seen people say to check the balance levels in windows sound settings. But I have windows 10 and for me the option of checking the levels of each specific ear physically isn't there. The option doesn't exist on my OS. Can anyone help me?
  17. Bonjour, je viens de recevoir mon void elite wireless et j'ai un problème avec l'activation du micro : quand je lève le micro il se désactive mais ensuite quand je le rebaisse il ne s'active pas même si j'appuie sur le bouton. Je suis obligé de l'éteindre et de le re-allumer pour activer le micro.
  18. Is charging Corsair Void Pro Wireless RGB from phone charger bad for its battery?. Power Brick says it can provide 9V/1.67amp or 5V/2amp.
  19. I have noticed a few problems with my Void Pro RGB Wireless which ONLY started after I updated iCUE to the latest version (v3.20.80) 1) I had turned on surround sound when I got it as I really liked it and I thought it sounded better BUT since this update it is off and whenever I try to turn it on it does NOTHING (it is supposed to make a beeping noise in the headset when turning on/off surround sound and that doesn't even happen also you should be able to toggle surround sound by pressing and holding the volume slider on the headset which is only makes the turning off surround sound beep which is different to the turning on surround sound beep) ALSO after owning the Void RGB Wireless and now the Void Pro RGB Wireless for around 3 years together total I can't even use these headphone's without surround sound as I have gotten so used to them. 2) I thought if there is a problem with the surround sound there must be other problems and after going through the software I noticed when I change the EQ it still sounds the same as it did before changing the EQ even when I use custom EQ settings (and I can't even change EQ using the headset which if I remember correctly was an actual feature on the headset if you press and hold the mic mute button). 3) The headset randomly turns off which it NEVER did before unless it was not on charging and no sound was being played or if the battery ran out now it would even sometimes shutdown when on charging and when I am listening to or watching stuff. I am sure it is probably iCUE related as I never had any audio problems before this update which I only installed because of some fixes involving the RGB lighting on my PC.
  20. Not exactly sure where to put this, but since the idea is to use the Corsair Void Pro RGB wireless headset, decided to post it here. 1) finally picked up a wireless headset with mic and love it. The Corsair Void Pro RGB wireless headset has worked perfectly. 2) spend lots of time in flight sims. 3) everyone recommends TrackIR for flight sims. 4) Well, all of the official versions of Track IR are wired. So what was the point of going to a wireless headset if I have to go back to being wired to use Track IR? Yes, there are ways to modify stuff out there. Could only find one person selling a modified Track IR set up. So isn't there money to be made by making a Corsair level quality headset with TrackIR integrated? I would pay for it.
  21. The headset works fine but it only connects if I have it turned on before I start up my computer. I can turn it off and on fine but if it's not on when I initially startup my PC I have to restart to get it to work.
  22. Hallo, ich würde mir gerne den Corsair ST100 Kopfhörer-Ständer kaufen. Meine Frage ist nun, ob ich dann trotzdem, da das HS70 ja wireless ist, den 7.1 Surround-Sound des ST100 nutzen kann? Oder gilt das nur für Kopfhörer die über einen Stecker am ST100 angeschlossen sind?
  23. I bought the headset at Best Buy but there is some issues not really pointed at the headset but with the iCue software here is the issues I have found over the course of a week of owning these. battery drain with RGB varies sometimes you have longer battery life sometimes shorter all depends. Have not tested with RGB off yet but I will. Mic sidetone now this is annoying when you first start up the headset if your headset sidetone was on to begin with it will be off even though it shows its on you will have to turn off then turn sidetone on again for it to work, now this will happen when you put mic up to mute or press the mute button you will have to go through and turn sidetone off then on again. This happens most of the time. Auto shutdown happens here and there haven't tested to much but it has done it 2 times to me of me setting the headset on my hook and going to bed and waking up with it dead and other time I went to do something for 20 min came back still on. RGB sometimes shows up as a blinking color or a solid red color i'd have to shutdown iCue completely and start it back up to resume previous RGB state. Was going to return them and get Asus but seeing as this can be completely fixed with software/firmware updates ill just wing it. I do love these and hope this gets resolved soon
  24. Hello, my Corsair VOID Pro Wireless headset has suddenly begun to refuse to charge. Everything about this situation is strange. When I plug it in, it seems to disconnect other USB ports on my computer. For instance, when plugged in next to the wireless receiver, it turns off the receiver and the mouse (which is plugged in in the back). When I plugged it into the back, it turned off the adjacent USB port used for my network adapter. There has been a constant "red" light that signifies that it's on low battery, and the headset colors do not turn on. If I true to turn it on via the power button, turns on for 3ish seconds, and then goes back off. But the weirdest part is that even while its supposedly dead, I am still able to use it, it just gives me a beep telling me its on low battery every minute or so. I've tried uninstalling my USB ports and then restarting the computer, but the issue still occurs when I plug it in. I don't believe its in bootloader mode, as I wasn't able to find the Advera thing or whatever. I've also tried charging it on other computers, and that didn't work either. Please, I really want this headset fixed. I've had it for over 2 years now, and this is the first time anything like this is happened. Thanks in advance! :)
  25. So as the title says my Wireless Void Pro headset loses all functionality of its buttons or volume rocker when in game or in some applications. I just received these from Amazon yesterday and its really disheartening to be having issues with them already as I like how they feel and the added benefit of being wireless is nice. I already submitted a support ticket but haven't gotten much help yet and was hoping maybe someone else has experienced this issue and can offer a possible solution. The applications I've tried so far and have experienced this issue with are Far Cry 5, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and even while listening to music on Spotify. Now as soon as these applications close I regain full control of all buttons and added functionality that comes with such as being able to turn surround sound on or off or being able to change sound profiles. I am not using any custom CUE profiles only the 5 default profiles that came with the program. Please Help!
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