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  1. My second one just broke after only weeks. It's clear these have serious design flaw that a RMA cannot fix. Getting the same poorly designed scroll wheel mechanism is just going to continue the problem. The issue here is the tiny pin of plastic on the ends of the plastic rod that goes though the wheel to press on the mouse click switches. These break very very easy. I've seen hundreds of images from diffent people and this is only from the people who bothered to document the issue no doubt 1000s truly. Why not change at the factory or bring out a SE version with upgraded parts like metal, like the Logitech G502 hero I just had to buy. Which has annoyed me great considering I have all Corsair icue parts. Keyboard, case, 6 LL120 RGB fans, commander pro, H150i XT RGB AIO, 4 led strips from Corsair and even the Corsair virtuoso RGB headset. And now I have to put up with having somethng that's out of place. You only need to look at teardowns of the ironclaw wireless RGB mouse a d the Logitech G502 hero. And the build quality is miles better in the Logitech. Come on Corsair either pull the mouse, fix in factory for all future versions. RMA people for the upgraded wheel with metal pin through the wheel. Or bring out a newer version with the upgraded parts so no future buyers have this issue. I know the metal rod will fix it too as I've seen a few people changing the plastic rod through the wheel to a metal piece, even one guy used a nail the same size and width of the plastic and it works and has fixed and lasted long time. Please do something more than just RMAing stuff. Clearly from reviews, forums, Amazon, everywhere many are on their 3rd plus mouse which clearly means they love the mouse but have the same issue over and over. Fix it please in factory change the plastic pin to metal like good quality mice. Also I find it hard to believe Corsair are not aware of this issue it's seems to of been around for a very long time. As you can see from images below what breaks why is obvious how tiny the plastic is. And using a metal rod can fix and it will work great for the rest of the mouse life. It's sad this seems to be a issue on many of the Corsair mice. Below a guy fixed it with nail. Metal rod thing. We shouldn't have to be fixing corsairs poor designs just so it works like this. This could be resolved very easy in manufacturing while built. Or change the scroll wheel plastics to metal. This was 5 years ago. So you've been doing this having this scroll wheel issue on many of Corsair mice for years and years. [ame] [/ame] Here you go guys if you want your Corsair Ironclaw wireless mouse to function properly all we have to do is buy a 3D Printer. Lol. So several hundred pounds in total for the ironclaw [ame] [/ame]
  2. does this work with latest ASUS 3080 GPUS I have icue showing my asus strix motherboard but not my gpu? ASUS TUF OC 3080
  3. hey buddy can you help me im going crazy over here, several days of stress and ripping the pc apart and buying new stuff and replacing items im so stressed its unbelieveable I have 6 LL120s 3 that came with lighting node pro, and 3 thats came with the case which has a Lighting node core, ive also got a h150i pro xt and now a bloody commander pro i wasnt having any luck with a nzxt powerd usb hub so i though screw it ill shell out for the commander pro I have all 6 fans pwn in the commander pro and im using the lighting node that came with the 3 ll120s in order and powered and the led wire from the lighting node to led channel 1 on the commader pro which is then plugged into the on board usb 2.0 but its not showing up in icue to test the commander pro was working i put all the led cable back on the node core that came with the case and plugged that usb into usb port on the commmander pro, and then all the leds and the node core showed up in icue but still not the commander pro?? so i know the port is working and the usb hub part of the commander pro is working but it doesnt show up please help im going crazy i have it wired exactly as you show here https://i.imgur.com/XSDWsneh.png
  4. cheers for your help I've ordered a powered one same one caseking sell the only one so should be ok Thanks.
  5. Or would this be better it's a 4 way hub powered too https://i.postimg.cc/d0yt4pwk/Screenshot-20200524-165959.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/DZ3fD6wC/Screenshot-20200524-170557.jpg
  6. By the way even though it's called a splitter, the chip on the splitter is a actual usb hub chip I think because on the datasheet online still this now good as would need more power? https://i.postimg.cc/hv4xdcTR/Screenshot-20200524-165026.jpg
  7. Hard to find one anywhere. I think the nzxt is discontinued. Can't get it anywhere
  8. Ok cheers. Do you know the technical specs of what the core node usb 2.0 uses and a pump usb. Will these work on a one channel usb 2.0. I wish Corsair would use another way to connect even though my Asus ROG Crosshair vii is a top of the range board it really only has 1 usb 2.0 the other can server as another usb 2.0 but it's a Asus ext for its own accessories but does server as another one. But from what I know and research it's only a one channel usb port. I'm concerned the pump RGB block on h150i pro xt and or the lighting core node won't work on a single channel usb 2.0 port. https://i.postimg.cc/ZnW8MwQ9/Screenshot-20200523-201923-01.jpg You seem the right guy to know something this specific. Also for real next gen x670 and intel parts likely won't even have usb 2.0 or just the one. If it won't will this from Amazon work does it give you two new 2 channel usb 2.0 ports or does this just split a 2 channel 2.0 to 2x 1 channel ports. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07DLVJ726/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_.GOYEbM4JS234
  9. Oh I forgot to ask since I'll have a 360mm rad push in front and a exhaust in rear. The top two fans should this be exhaust too? Or intake. I think exhaust
  10. Cheers just ordered the 360mm new H150i Pro XT the 465x case and 3 LL120s gonna put the 350 rad in front using the 3 included LL120s on it and the new ones two on top and one in back. I was gonna get the 240mm and put in the top but for some strange reason in a iCUE RGB case that supports rads in top actually won't fit with corsairs own RGB pro ram lol. Only would be able to use non RGB low profile ram. Poor design but it's fine. A 360mm rad on my 3950x will be much better than the 280mm 4 year old H110i GT. I was going to get the RGB strips kit but sadly my ROG crosshair hero 7 only has 1 usb 2.0 it does have another called Asus ext it is still a 2.0 header but only 1 channel I hope the 360 rad will or node core will work on that. Regarding the Asus ext header which also doubles as a usb 2.0 but only 1 channel ( so if I was to let's say connect a old 2.0 front panel with 2 usb ports one would only work at a time ) Would either the lighting core node or the pump usb of the 150i pro xt be best plugged into that. Does the lighting core node use 2 channels? I think since my rad is just the pump that should only use one. I wish tech specs like this where listed. I've purchased a internal usb 2.0 splitter I'm hoping all these Corsair products only use 1 channel on usb 2.0 not two If you know what they use that would be helpful
  11. I find it ridiculous that if I bought this Corsair 465x case and uses a corsair 100i platinum aio and Corsair RGB pro ram that it wouldn't fit. All these products where out at same time and to not make them work together especially when the case is a RGB case advertised as a iCUE case but the iCue RGB ram wouldn't fit lol. Yeah let's sell a RGB heavy iCue case but force the owners to use low profile normal non RGB ram. Stupid. I have the platinum RGB AIO and the 465x case right now in my Amazon basket about to buy. I was upgrading my 4 year old h110i get aio to the new one and getting 3 extra ll120 fans too. Now it's pointless as my Corsair RGB pro ram in my Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VII motherboard will not fit with the AIO. Such a stupid design. So basically all those things I was about to buy now I'm not as I need to re think what case I'm going to get. Disappointed. lian Li Lan cool 2 was my other choice I need to find out if it would be ok in that case then. Corsair man I love your products and am invested in a lot or Corsair stuff all in 9ne eco system but man you make stupid nonsensical dessions sometimes. I guess this is what happens when you realise the exact same very old case the 275r as a new 465x iCue case. Back then these products didn't really exist. And it shows. Also who in their right mind thought the dust filter on the front had to change. The 275r front filter is exact same size and doest cover the fans and have crosses in middle over your own branding. At least I won't have to mod the front dust filter now to cut them away.
  12. Please could you help with a question as a product I want to get isn't listed here. The Corsair iCue 465x RGB case which comes with a Lighting Core Node and 3 LL120 RGB fans. If I buy 3 more LL120 RGB fans which come with a Lighting Node Pro and the control hub would this work with this build. FYI I'm buying the Corsair H100i Pro XT which comes with normal fans. I want to connect all this up. My motherboard is ASUS ROG X470 Crosshair Hero VII I'm hoping all the fans will connect to the core node what comes with the case no need to use the lighting node pro and the control hub that comes with the 3 fans separately. They all connect to the lighting core node in the case? All 6 fans into it. Which then connects to USB and sata. And that will just work. And I will buy a 3 way splitter for the front 3 fans. Connect the 2 new RGB fans on the AIO to the pump fan connectors. And the rear fan to a motherboard header on its own. So I'd be left over not using the lighting node pro and control hub as all 6 would fit into the included Light core node which is inside the 465x case ( maybe use it with some Corsair strips in future connected directly to a usb header) This seems right on what over read with the lighting core node that comes with the case. It seems like the same device that comes with QL fans a all in 9ne no need for the lighting node pro. But I'd very much appreciate advice hear. As I have these items in my Amazon basket waiting for the go ahead from you this works together. Appreciate the help.
  13. after plugging the headset into USB its was all set up and working great, then I checked to see if getting 8 channel 96khz on wired, I was... I checked to see if on wireless was correct it was 48khz, but now after a reboot both are the same no matter what I do 48khz, I bought these for the 96khz and was very happy testing the diffence between the two, but now its gone, stuckl at 48khz.. Ive removed the device uninstalled the device but still the same.... any help if not im returning them and going back to my senhissers
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