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Found 15 results

  1. So i got my PC a few weeks ago, and i noticed that my power button is red. On every youtube video i looked up, the power button seems to be white. What is causing this and is it something to be concerned of? The power button has been red since i got it i believe, otherwise not something i noticed right away. I know my way around a PC, but this is new to me.
  2. Hi, I currently have icue 465X and VENGEANCE® RGB PRO, using with CoolerMaster Air cooler. But I want to change to Ryzen 9 5900X, so I have to equip A500 Cooler. I will not add any AIO in my PC (Never put water in my PC, its my rule) so, I want to know do I have enough clearance to put A500 Cooler between 465X Temper and VENGEANCE® RGB PRO Thanks.
  3. Hi all! I recently bought an iCUE 465x RGB and and H150i Elite Cappelix AIO. I have 2 questions. 1st Question: The 465x comes with an RGB hub and fan controller, but so does the H150i Elite. Is it recommended to use them together or remove the RGB hub and fan controller that came with the 465x in favor of the controller that came with the H150i Elite? 2nd Question: Is it worth it to remove the LL front standard fans from the 465x and replace them with the MLs that came with the H150i Elite, and move the LLs to the top and back? Or just install the MLs in the top and back leaving the 465x standard fans in front? Info: MB is RoG Strix z490-E Thank you all for your time.
  4. Hello guys. I am using an (almost) full corsair pc build, only thing missing is a good cooling system for my cpu. My build is inside the 465X case. I have 3 rgb 120mm LL fans at the front, 2 at the top and 1 in the back. I really want an H115I bcs that is just the best AIO from corsair if I have to believe the internet Is it possible to mount the radiator of the H115I to the 120mm fans at the front of my case (so the radiator is in the inside of the case behind the 120mm fans) and than put the 2 140mm on the other side of the radiator. In this way I have a push pull configuration. So first you have the 3 120mm fans, than the radiator mounted on the top 2 of the 3 fans, and than behind the radiator the two 140mm fans that come with the radiator. Sorry if my english is bad I did my best to make it simple to read. I would really like a good answer because otherwise I have to buy the H100I but I read everywhere that it does make a bit more noise because of the 120mm fans only.
  5. Hello everyone! I've bought 465x case and h100i pro rgb xt.I've place radiator at front,and AIO coolers on top.How should I connect AIO fans?To the Corsair Commander Pro or just to pump and then to CPU Fan on motherboard? Thank you for help,it's my first PC build. Wish me good luck please:bigeyes:
  6. Sehr geehrtes Corsair User Forum, Gestern mittag habe ich meinen PC gebaut mit dem Gehäuse 465x. Ich war gerade fertig und mit dem und wollte nur noch die Seitliche Glasscheibe einsetzen als sie grundlos einfach in meiner Hand explodierte. Ich hatte die Glasplatte fest in der Hand ich trage keine Ringe und wollte sie gerade ansetzen als sie einfach so und tausend Teile zersprang. Meine Frage ist wie ich jetzt damit umgehen soll. -Gibt es auf solche Teile eine Garantie? -Soll ich den Online Verkäufer informieren und dort einen Ersatz verlangen? -Wo bekomm ich eine ersatzt Scheibe ich konnte nirgendwo was finden. -Würde die Ersatz Scheibe vom 460x auch beim 465x passen. Vielen Dank schon mal im voraus, ich hoffe das mir jemand weiterhelfen kann. Die zerbroche Scheibe macht mir sehr zu schaffen.
  7. I want to buy a Commander pro but I donˋt know if I can connect the lightning node core which comes included with the 465x case to it. Does anybody know more about it?
  8. Hi, I have just put together a new PC build using a 465x case. I have the 3 LL120 fans which come with the case, 2 additional LL120 fans from a Corsair H100i Platinum SE and 1 additional LL120 fan. 6 fans in total, all spin fine, but no RGB on the extra fans. The 3 fans which come with case light up perfectly, the other 3 do not. I have connected them all to the same RGB hub which comes with the case. I have gone into iCue and set the lightning channel as "LL RGB Series Fans" and 6 fans connected. I have also tested each of the individual fans on the RGB hub and also using the H100i and they light up. It seems as the issue is with the RGB hub (or lightning node core?) which comes with the 465x case. I have also tried restating several times, reinstalling iCue, removing the fans from the mobo and restarting. I am stuck on how to fix this. Help please!
  9. Hi :biggrin: For Christmas I got a new case the 465x and a new mobo a Asus strix Z390 gaming E I just added my existing AIO the H100i pro platinum RGB and my ram is just basic HyperX fury low profile.. But I think about new ram : Obviously Corsair vangeance pro RGB But while installing the AIO in my case with the HyperX ram The radiator and the RAM rubs but settles but again its Low profile RAM Is it possible that the vangeance doesn't even fit ? Because exept the mobo all is Corsair, It will be a shame if a corsair case can't take a Corsair AIO and Corsair RAM... Did someone achieved it ? thanks :roll:
  10. So I recently bought a 465x who cames with 3 LL120 and i also bought a H100i who cames with 2 ML120, and to complete the 6 fans i brouth one more ML120 to the back part of the case have only MLs fans. So my question is, if i connect this only last ML120 with the other LL120 on the Lighting controler of the case i will be able to control his RGB or not? If the answer to this last question is no, can I connect this single ML fan to a Lighting Node Pro where will have a led stripe already connected
  11. Alright, so I've recently purchased the 465x RGB and I am tired of the annoying x's over my LL120 fans, however, if I remove the filter, than I get more annoying holes in the front of the case. So I've come to y'all. The issue is, I want to find a filter compatible with the 465x that doesn't cover up the Light Loop fans, or I'd like to find a case within a similar price range of the 465x that comes with LL120 fans and looks about the same. If worse comes to worse, I'll 3D print a bracket to cover up the holes, but if there is an alternative, please let me know!
  12. Hello, I'm building a PC in about a week and am currently ordering parts. My case is the Corsair iCUE 465X with an included Lightning Node CORE and 3x LL120 fans (pre-installed in the front). I'll also have a H100i RGB Platinum AIO which I planned to install on the top side, but I heard that it won't fit due to my RAM (G.Skill 2x 16 GB Trident Z Neo; 44mm height). The new plan is to install the radiator in the front like this ML - Rad - LL ML - Rad - LL Front ___ - ___ - LL The ML fans would be the ones included in the AIO and are for the rad. So they would be connected only to the pump, wouldn't they? These fans would be inhale fans. This way I have still place for three more 120mm fans (2 top, 1 rear) so I think about buying a 3 pack of LL/ML fans which will include a NoPro. My mainboard is an Asus Rog Strix x570-e Gaming (if that matters). I think I buy ML fans because their performance is better than LL, but I'm not sure if it works as intended. I can't mix LL and ML fans on a Lightning Node CORE, but does it work with a NoPro? If it doesn't work I should be fine with connecting the Lighting Node CORE and NoPro directly to the Motherboard instead of connecting the Core into the NoPro? And if this doesn't work I would buy 3x LL fans and connect the Core into the NoPro (which should help with cable management too)
  13. Hello, I intend to change my box for the 465x rgb, but I am not sure that my AIO h100i and my ram corsair vengeance pro rgb fit on top, does anyone have any idea if I could mount such a configuration ?, Any suggestion of a box that fits this configuration?, I come from the 780t and I would like a box a little smaller, thanks.
  14. Help! I can’t control the fan speeds of my h100i platinum se! Alright so I’ve got myself a bit of an issue, I switched cases to a 465x to vastly improve airflow and looks of my computer, and I also bought a h100i platinum se to add to the RGB goodness. When I first put it together I attached the radiator to two of the front three intake fans and mounted the included cooler fans as an outtake, however I made a mistake, I attached the power connectors for the outtake fans to the pump to draw power from, I already had ICUE installed to color my k70 and void pro, and I was able to control the fan speeds of the fans connected to the pump, however I noticed that only the outtake fans were affected. I checked the wiring and swapped the power connectors so that the proper fans were connected to the pump. This is when things went awry. When I tuned the computer on after I switched the power cords, the outtake fans that are now connected to the mobo instantly pushed themselves up to full boar, causing a loud and annoying noise, I can change that in the bios and this is where why first question comes in, how do I do that? The next problem I encountered was my inability to control the fan speeds of the fans attached to the radiator. Then the final problem was ICUE not correctly displaying the cpu temp. All the cords are connected properly and I’ve double and triple checked them. The RGB works fine. How do I resolve these issues? TL,DR: I can’t control the fan speeds of the fans attached to my radiator of my h200i, when different fans connected to the pump I was able to control the speeds of. All the connections are sound.
  15. Hi, This is my first thread here so please tell me if I am doing something wrong! :D: I purchased a brand new case, the corsair 465x icue rgb! I build it fully and it looks awesome! 1 problem, my 3 ll120 fans at the front, spin, light up, but dont get recognized in icue! They have the standard rainbow color, but I can't change it sadly to my setup color theme! Anyone got a fix? Thanks, Mees
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