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  1. What headset do you have ? Maybe try a clean install of iCUE ?
  2. Well, I found out that my Asus ROGLiveService.exe doesn't work either... And that Asus.com website is down which causes every Asus application (e.g. Armoury Crate) to stop working. Maybe it's my problem's root cause ? Corsair iCUE software should not crash if Asus components are not available though...
  3. Hello there, I'm working in IT. Today my iCUE 4.31.168 stopped working after I woke up my PC from extended standby. Here are all the fixes I tried : uninstall + reboot + reinstall 4.31.168 + reboot uninstall + clean AppData (local and roaming) + reboot + reinstall 4.31.168 + reboot uninstall + clean AppData (local and roaming) + clean Windows register + reboot + reinstall 4.31.168 + reboot (as explained here) uninstall + clean AppData (local and roaming) + clean Windows register + reboot + reinstall 4.30.162 + reboot (as explained here) I also disabled auto start but nothing is working. It opens as "not responding" and after a few minutes just closes/crashes : Any idea ? I searched for logs location but didn't find much, I just found a crash event in Windows Event viewer (translated from french with DeepL) : Tigerblue77
  4. I think that you should open a case. This issue is only about W11
  5. Hello, You have to use "Default device effects", like this (in french) : Then you will see it detects "Corsair Audio Output Effects" just like me. It may need a reboot, I don't know.
  6. Daaamnnn !! Finally !! It feels so good hearing back my "Max bass boost" equalizer OMG !! Thanks Corsair !
  7. Hello, While I completely agree with the respect that should reign on this forum, this topic was opened on April 4, 2022. It is only this Wednesday, October 19, that is to say 6 months after, that a representative of Corsair comes to announce to us that this problem is known by the development team and that they work on its resolution. It is therefore quite understandable that we are annoyed. As for me, I have tried everything, spent hours of research and testing and 6 months later, still nothing has been resolved? If your development teams would anticipate the side effects of the next Windows update (by testing ICUE on a Windows Insider machine), we wouldn't be here. Thank you for proposing a resolution as soon as possible, at the risk of losing customers because of your lack of seriousness and reactivity on this issue! 6 months without an equalizer is a long time!
  8. Yes and the silence whoa... Noise ? What is noise ? Even with fan and pump speed at 100% a baby could sleep next to my PC ! Okay I'll keep an eye on it but as you can see on my previous screenshots (on imgur), it's 1,41V only during stress test, in other uses it's 1.2V to 1.3V as you can see :)
  9. So I got my replacement watercooling from Corsair. As the H115i v2 is no longer manufactured I received a H115i Pro RGB, that's great! I assembled it the day before yesterday and frankly... It's night and day... It's incredibly quiet even in stress test with CPU overclocked at 5.1 Ghz on all cores and cache overclocked at 4.7 Ghz ! The processor has reached a maximum of 90°C and 39.2°C for the water temperature, compared to a processor temperature of 36°C and 31.3°C in normal/daily use. It's magical and incredibly powerful ! Here are different screenshots taken before, during and after the stress test with the overclocked processor : https://imgur.com/a/Gx8V9p0 You can see that my vCore frequency is about 1.41V (I didn't make any adjustment, it's in "auto") but it looks good to me (c-attack can you confirm ?) So finally I'm going to keep this Corsair H115i Pro RGB and not switch to an H150i, it's really excellent and meets my needs! Thanks a lot to c-attack for his great advice here and in private messages, thanks for your time, without you I would never have been sure that my previous watercooling was faulty! But now I can see the difference, for example, the old radiator was always cold even with the processor on load while the new model heats up evenly when my processor is on load, that's perfect ! Good continuation !
  10. After some private exchanges on another subject, I realized that my explanation was not clear, so here are some pictures and drawings that explain what I currently have and what I wish to do : https://imgur.com/a/sDOt3kQ I have commented the pictures so that it is as clear as possible :)
  11. Hey, guys, My RMA (warranty claim) file is being processed by Corsair, I'm waiting patiently. On the other hand, I'm apparently not the only one to have an end-of-life pump on these watercooling models:
  12. Bonjour, je sais que le sujet date mais je cite : "Le sous-acquéreur bénéficie ainsi d’une action directe contre le vendeur originaire du bien qui repose sur la théorie de l’accessoire : le transfert de propriété de la chose s’accompagne de tous les accessoires afférents à ce bien, dont les garanties." https://www.argusdelassurance.com/jurisprudence-ja/transfert-de-garantie-quand-le-sous-acquereur-engage-une-action-directe-contre-le-vendeur-originel-du-vehicule.63345
  13. Okay, thanks, so I keep it on the "CPU_FAN" header. Don't worry you didn't do anything wrong, my pump was already in "extreme" mode (full speed) since the beginning of this topic and during the tests, I tried to change it only for testing last night and put it back in "extreme" mode as a temporary solution. In fact I don't see what would block or slow down the flow of the circuit... I wonder if the pump is not just broken (even partially) because sometimes it seems not to turn (cases where I have a big temperature difference between the two hoses) and sometimes it turns but I have the impression that its rotation is not regular (as if a fin was broken or I don't know ...) Anyway, I'll wait for the answer from the Corsair support and I'll come back to you. Your explanation seems quite logical, we can see on my previous screenshot that the temperature decreases linearly from the moment I go to 3000 rpm. Indeed the automatic voltage puts me at 1.43V on average at 5.0Ghz, nevertheless I was happy to see that the CPU did not reach 100°C. Yes this time I stop all overclock until my cooling problem is solved. My goal was simply to test my pump and seeing that it was cooling better last night I overclocked a bit but that was not the main goal.
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