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  1. A couple of sensors are reporting rather high temps for me on my Asus Strix x570-E motherboard.
  2. I went back to version 4.15.153 and everything is working as expected. With the newer 4.16.194 the 3080 stops working properly and there is no systray icon.
  3. Hi Zotty. I have just bought the new Corsair Commander Core XT. Currently I have a Commander Pro installed with two Lighting Node Cores. I would be grateful if you could produce a diagram for 6+2 QL fans connected to the Core XT. Or an alternative is to keep the two QL fans on the H100i SE separate as they are now. They have their own Lighting Node Core. I really want to remove as much RGB devices as I can streamlining whole thing.
  4. I have this problem after a recent update of iCue. There are no updates in Armoury Crate though.
  5. Thanks for the info. I will avoid doing that for a while.
  6. I have two lighting node cores where the usb connector are plugged into the commander pro. They both work with the included profiles but with imported ones only one works. Both show up but one set of lights (6) aren't illuminated.
  7. I uninstalled 3 and removed any residue and it now works. Please re-add the quick lighting colours that were at the top. Those were useful. Also one of my Lighting Node Cores isn't lighting up the LEDs when the other one is.
  8. There's no instructions in that link, its a direct download link.
  9. Mine just constantly crashes on start up so I've gone back to version 3.
  10. It appears version 3.38.61 has dropped. Firmware for Dominator Platinums has also been updated.
  11. I recently upgraded my second PC and interestingly after installing Windows, the LEDs were fine. But as soon as I installed iCue they went out of sync again. I wonder if its a syncing or code issue in iCue.
  12. Thanks for the instructions, worked for me too.
  13. 8 in total. 2 on AIO and 6 QLs. I'm using 2 node cores atm but they're not syncing properly.
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