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H100i processor has too high temperature? when idle


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Hi fellow forum members,


I recently bought a H100i cooling unit to repace my old cpu fan. Installation was easy enough however I did run into some issues:


1. Most of the screws that should keep the fans mounted on the radiator feel very loose and can not be tightened. Even worse my radiator mounted fan is currently only mounted using 2 screws the other screws just fall out..... The problem seems to be that the screw holes are not created correctly on the radiator.


2. When I boot up my Windows after less then 15 minutes my cpu temperature raises to 45 degrees centrigrade what seems to be a little too high for idle. I can see that the pump is working (about 2200rpm) however the water seems not to cool my processor enough.


I installed the cooler on an ASUS P9X79 PRO motherboard on an Intel i7 3930k processor. I did a mild overclock using the Asus OC tool from 3.2GHZ (stock) to 4.0GHZ.

Now i know the i7 can run a little hot however the temperature value is quite high.


To try to rule out a bad seating of the cooler on the processor I removed the cooler, cleaned the head up using ArticClean (1+2) and reapplied Noctua NT-H1. During the installation I followed the instructions to the letter however I got the same temperature result.


Does anyone know if the temperature value is normal for an i7 when idle?


FAN setup:

I got 2 140mm fans blowing air in setup in the front

1 140mm fan blowing air out at the back

1 120mm fan blowing air out on the top (no room for the second fan) mounted on the radiator

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I installed the H100i on a I7 4820K, in a new build I did last week.

Mine idles around 25c. Yours does sound high at idle.


Thank you for your reply.


Yes I read once that someone else also had this problem. What happened for him was that the cooler head was not getting enough water because the hole to which the water needs to pour through coming from the cable was too small...


I think I am going to RMA the cooler seeing its state and its performance I would say it is defective.

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Hi all, just wanted to let you all know that I send my cooler back to the retail shop i bought it from. My retailer did a technical test and also noticed problems with the cooler. They send me a replacement that i installed in my pc.


Result is that the temperatures when idle are now between 32 and 34 degrees centigrade and thankfully also that the fans are properly mounted on the radiator.

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