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Found 4 results

  1. Happens in both V3.27.68 and 3.28.70, tried reinstalling I've noticed that iCUE uses 3-5% GPU usage on my RTX 2070, so I did some tests and noticed the following. If I Close (Right Click, exit) and relaunch iCUE, close it by clicking "X" after launch, the GPU usage would not be used by iCUE. It stayed at 0% the whole time As soon as I right click the iCUE icon on my taskbar/bring to foreground, GPU usage would start to hover around 3-5% for iCUE as show in task manager. It would not stop the GPU usage until I close the program (Right click, exit) Any tips on why this would happen? Thanks
  2. This had never happened before. I have had my computer for more than 1 year and a half, 3 days ago, after using my computer for hours I powered it off, ~5 min later I turn it on again and PC started being really loud, fans were maxed out... I could see temps from mobo temp sensor LED reaching 100 celsius degrees :eek: ! After some attemps trying to figure out what it was I decided to wait, like 15-30 min. When I came back I switched on the computer and... it worked fine as it should be :biggrin: . I've been motorizing performance since then and everything looks working perfectly: Temps in idle: When rendering or gaming it can reach 60/65 celsius degrees. No matter how many hours or time I'm working on my pc, temperatures are ok. The problem appears when I power off and switch on the computer in a short period of time. Some hours ago it happened again, exactly the same thing, same situation. I waited ~ 15 minutes and it worked again, looks like it has to "rest". I know it has almost no sense. It's not an OS issue. I unplugged the HDD the first time to discard, on BIOS same temps too. I'm really concerned about this issue, I didn't find any revelant information on the internet, that's why I'm asking. (Sorry about my english)
  3. BLUF: Getting 70c temps under load with an i7-7700K at stock. So I've been having problems with my H115i since getting it. I had an Asus ROG STRIX Z270F, but it started flaking out very quickly. I'm now running an MSI Z270 SLI PLUS. On install, there was some play between the backplate and screws. After installing the cooler, there is none. I tried installing some small silicone washers on the Asus, it made no difference. The install is with Arctic Silver Arctic Alumina, following the install directions from Arctic Silver - 1mm thin line down the center of the spreader. I also tried the old-school application method, spreading a very thin layer across the spreader. No better. On idle, temps sit at around 30c. Loaded with x264 stress test, they immediately hit 70c+. The coolant temperature never goes over 33c. This is with the pump on performance, and putting the fans at max doesn't make a difference. Temps 1 Temps 2 Case setup: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Glass. H115i in the front, both fans pulling. Four 120mm Asiahorse exhausting, one in the rear and four on top. Setup 1 This is not what I was expecting. Thoughts? The only two things I can figure are that either it's not making good contact with the spreader, or the pump is shot.
  4. My i7 6800K is slightly overclocked to 3.8GHz and on idle it's 38C with ambient temperature of 23C. Load temperatures are perfectly fine - 51C. Pump is working on 2800RPM and fans are at 1300RPM.
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