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I have some questions about the RMA I requested for exchanging my M95 mouse;


- How much time do I have left to send the mouse (M95) back to you?

- What exactly do I have to do and what is the procedure (because I'm totally new to this)?

- Do I get the money back that I spent on the shipping cost?

- Did I fill in the correct Lot Code of my product?


Thank you for reading! and hopefully a helpful answer :biggrin:

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  • Corsair Employees

Our warranty policy is clear on who pays the shipping but you would pay the shipping to us and we will pay to ship the replacement. However if its less than thirty days old you can call our customer service by phone and work that out with them, we will be able to pay the shipping in that case but you must request it over the phone.

And no the lot number is not correct but they will correct when its received.

You should have an email with directions where to send the item and once we get the failed part we will send the replacement usually with in 24-48 Hours excluding Weekends and Holidays.

And you can use SKYPE to call the toll free number listed under contact on http://www.corsair.com

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