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  1. With the new release of the RTX 4090 soon coming, i am reading that it is preferred that the power supply be ATX 3.0 compatible. i am unsure where to find information regarding if my current PSU can safely be plugged into a 4090 with this information. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/Power-Supply-Units-Advanced/RM-Series™-80-PLUS-Gold-Power-Supplies/p/CP-9020196-NA#tab-tech-specs
  2. I get that the HS70 Pro is newer than the non-pro version but 3+ years with no firmware updates seems odd considering in that time Nvidia has released a new GPU series and Microsoft has released an entirely new OS not even touching the CPU side. Has there really been nothing new released or is my iCue just not finding the latest version?
  3. I have a void wireless headset that I've owned for many years, and an interesting difference with newer models has come to my attention, my headset came with earmuffs containing what I believe to be an open-cell foam. This results in much worse sound isolation, but marginally better breathability, comfort, and sound staging. this was brought to my attention when I purchased a new void elite headset as mine was suffering from major wear and tear, and reduced battery life. Both the new headset and a set of aftermarket replacement pads I bought both have a closed cell foam muff, resulting in much boomyer lows, but which muddy the mids and highs. Ultimately I much preferred the originals, as these gave a remarkably similar sound staging to my open-backed headphones. Is there any place I can buy a set of the earmuffs that came on the original void headsets, shy of trying to find a new-old-stock headset and scavenging it for parts?
  4. I want to add RAM to my PC, i have 16gb DDR4 RAM in it already (from a different brand), but i want to add my corsair 32gb RAM to it, so i have 48gb RAM in total, but is my motherboard able to use this, as my motherboard wants Un-buffered and Non-ECC RAM, will my corsair RAM be accepted by my motherboard?
  5. I recently purchased a refurbished Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard and was looking to purchase some keycaps since it had one missing when purchased. (Couldn't pass up 100$ off for the keyboard simply since its missing 1 keycap. My question, what is the difference between the PBT double-shot pro and the PBT double-shot?? My keyboard is listed under the secondary one but when I look at the price of that keycap set its $50 instead of $30 for the double shot pro. I couldn't seem to find any mentions anywhere that specifically mentions any difference and its confusing that the "pro" keycaps are the ones that are cheaper. Would the Pro ones work on my keyboard even though its not specifically listed or is there something special with the other ones??
  6. Hello, I am using the latest version of Icue and have fully water cooled PC. I want to map my fan curves in Icue to a BarrowCH G1/4" Temperature Sensor like the one linked here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/403237911452 How do I go about mapping this temp sensor to Icue in order to track the temperature of my water and map my fan curves to that temp. Thanks
  7. Hi, Have you encountered such an issue? This RAM is compatible (according to Corsair product page) to Intel 300,400,500 series and X299 motherboards. I have had it tested on a 300 series (H310) motherboard, and it shows as 4GB RAM module. Did anyone encounter such a thing? assuming these are not counterfeit modules (which I seriously doubt as I have the box and everything else - bought it second hand), why would it show that? Thanks. (disregard my system specs as obviously this kit does not work on it)
  8. Current Buit - i7-8700k with corsair h100i v2 planning to upgrade to i7-12 gen CPU My Question is will my corsair h100i v2 Be Compatible with The new 12th gen CPU Also this is my first post here so if I made any mistakes, Apologies in advance. Thank You & Have an amazing day!
  9. So I was on my PC when a windows popup message saying that it was installing a device called "CORSAIR lighting node CORE bootloader" and now I can see it on the devices: I would like to validate that this is indeed a Corsair software because the sudden install took my by surprise and I can't find an exact match result on Google. I do have Corsair components on my build but I've been using my PC for more than 6 months. I think it's worth mentioning that some sort of power flicker seemed to occur earlier that breifly flashed out my monitor and internet connection but it didn't shut down the computer although I can't say if these events are related. Thanks in advance for your advice! Cheers!
  10. Hello! today i finally got my k100 keyboard and i downloaded ICue 4 of course, and i really would love to configure the wheel to rewind and move forward on youtube videos for example. I know Icue do something like that with SPOTIFY songs with the wheel. Any idea how can i do it? because i dont see any rewind option when u try to make a key assignment. Thanks ! Here is the spotify rewind/fast forward example
  11. My Corsair RM750x doesn’t show any signs of it being on, whether it be a low buzz, light, or anything else. No other part of my PC shows signs of turning on either. Is there supposed to be an indicator showing it’s on? As well as this, is it most likely a problem with a power supply or something else.
  12. Hey there, I recently built a new machine (been in the PC space for about 8 years, but never built my own machine) and in that order I bought a single LL140 because, primarly, it was on sale, but also because of its RGB. I didn't do any research, and assumed I'd be able to use an RGB header on my MB. I was wrong. Fair enough, but I was wondering if I need to buy both the Commander Pro and the controller for one fan, or if just the Commander Pro is sufficent for one fan? Cheers!
  13. Hi All, I have a h150i elite cappelix, which I want the fans to be managed by the commander pro. Obviously I still need the commander core to wire up the pump. So see my design below. I have a 5000X case. What I did is: - removed the PWM fan controller included in the case --> wired it up to the commander PRO - Used the commander PRO as the FAN controller for the H150i fans - Connected all casefans and H150I fans to the RGB hub included with the case - Connected the Pump to the commander core So my concrete question is: Will the H150 elite cappelix setup work with this setup? Or do I have to connect the fans and RGB to the commander core in order to get it working?
  14. Hello everyone, This is my first post because i am looking for help and cant seem to solve this issue as ive tried everything that i personally can think of and maybe someone has a solution. Before my issue i will state what im currently running with Asus Strix z390e Mobo Asus Strix 2080 GPU Lighting Node Pro Corsair RGB Fan Hub 6 LL120 Fans 4 Corsair Light Strips My fans are configured in order from 1-6, 1 being Front Bottom --> Top Rear The problem i am having is that my 1 and 2 Fans are properly synced with iCue with whatever light effect i have set, and the 3-6 fans are either, glitching out, sometimes completely off, or showing a different color than i have (i.e. i do instant lighting red, fans 1+2 are red, Fans 3-6 are Blue). i know for certain the LEDs on all 6 fans are okay because i have unplugged each fan that are placed 3-6 and plugged them in number 1 and they light up fine. at first i thought it is simple the LED Hub that was busted, but i have an extra one that i never used (from LL120 3 pack) and replaced the one in my PC and it did not fix any issue. Lighting from fans 3-6 still completely off, or buggy. upon startup all fans turn on full Rainbow RGB but 3-6 begin glitching almost as if its doing a rain effect but in rgb. then my pc is fully started and my instant lighting turns on and the fans 3-6 go off. I have CCleaner'd my icue software AND all asus aura softwares incase that there was a confliction error or something going on with them. Note that i do NOT care if my mobo and gpu are synced to Icue. i usually manually set them to white LED through asus Aura. This leaves me to believe my issue is with either 1. Lighting Node Pro or 2. a bug in the iCue software or maybe 3. an issue with an update or maybe multiple programs causing an error of some sort. I will buy the commander Pro IF it solves my problem but i dont want to cough up 75 bucks if the problem will persist. any thoughts please help. thank you for reading *EDIT i forgot to mention that, of course, i do have everything properly configured in the iCue software on the LED channels. i should add that my lighting setup was completely fine up to some point in time that i cannot pinpoint. without ever physically opening my PC or changing any hardware the problem came out of no where.
  15. http://imgur.com/gallery/dYQcVII I have RMA a SF600 and got a refurbished unit. It has been working fine for a few months but recently iv noticed a wired sound coming from it. This noise is quiet and happens occasionally. Should I be concerned?
  16. http://imgur.com/gallery/dYQcVII I have RMA a SF600 and got a refurbished unit. It has been working fine for a few months but recently iv noticed a wierd sound coming from it. This noise is quiet and happens occasionally. Should I be concerned?
  17. Hello, I'm wondering about getting the new capellix water cooler for my PC. I have the SPEC Delta RGB and was wondering would a 360mm radiator fit at the front of the case while still being able to see the fans out of the front tempered glass panel? Thanks
  18. hey are any other owners of the nightsword having the same problem as me? The dpi down button became really lose and move around further than its suppose to after a few months. this didnt happen on my dark core and everything else on the mouse is super solid.
  19. Just the other day i updated the firmware for my Headphones (Wireless Void Pro) and now for some reason iCUE thinks i'm using HS70 Wireless headphones and i need to know how to change it back.
  20. First time poster, hoping this makes sense and is in the right place, sorry if the title is word salad. I'm looking at upgrading the lighting in my rig, with some of corsair's fans and a pack of ARGB strips. A 3-pack of fans (like CO-9050072) includes a Lighting Node Pro and an RGB Lighting hub for the fans. The LNP has two RGB inputs, one goes to the hub which controls up to six fans, one is left for strips. I understand that much. I notice that the LED Lighting Expansion Kit (CL-8930002) comes with 4 ARGB strips, but also four extension cables, and I'm wondering about them: the short version of the question is 'can the extension cables be daisy-chained into one longer extension cable?' I'm trying to get a look at them but I'm not sure what exactly their connectors are. For context, I'd ideally have two of those strips inside the case (down the front, and then along the bottom towards the back), and then one or two extension cables out an open PCIE slot (or just drill a hole through one guard) so I can have the two remaining ones go along my desk. I know they're not ideal because they aren't diffused, but it'd be making use of what I have, I don't see much value in putting all four inside my case what with already having 2 strips and as many as four lit fans. Problem is that I don't know how the extension cables connect up - can you have an extension cable between two strips? Can an extension cable lead into another extension cable? Or do the extension cables exclusively go from the LNP to one ARGB strip. The second question is 'how does iCue handle the ARGB strips when they're daisy-chained together?' because in this scenario I have them all connected to the LNP on a single port. Would I be able to assign different lighting effects to each strip, or would they all have to follow the exact same lighting? I might just want a different brightness value on the 'outside' ones in this scenario. Thanks for the help!
  21. Sorry for noob question, but i did'not manage to figure it out myself (or find on internet). I want iCUE to automatically swith off all the lighting when my display is turned off, so the whole PC will be 'sleeping'. Reference from %company name% software: Is it possible?
  22. Hello, I have a motherboard with no corsair or 3 pin 5v port. My question is now, can i use corsair products that have RGB in them or is there anyway i can use 3 pin 5v ports with a PCIE expansion or something like that. Thanks in advance.
  23. I just picked up the LS100 starter/expansion kit and had a question regarding the placement of the lighting controller on the rear of my side by side monitors. From the instructions, the installation video on Corsair's website, and from reviews on other sites, it seems that everyone states that the controller should be placed on the bottom right side of the monitor (when looking at it from the rear), and then LED strips are placed in a counterclockwise fashion around the displays (again viewing from the rear of the monitors). Since this setup would place the controller on the opposite side of my PC case and require a longer run for the USB cable, I was wondering if there is any reason why I couldn't/shouldn't mirror the layout and place the controller on the bottom left side of my second monitor (when viewing from the rear) and place the strips around the two displays in a clockwise fashion. Would this cause any unforeseen issues? Would I be able to rearrange the position of the lights within the software? I've attached a diagram to help people better visualize. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Hello I can remove keycaps of my keyboard, but can I remove the Cherry MX Brown switch from the keyboard using a special tool? I don;t have any problems with my keyboard, I just want to know if i can remove a switch from my keyboard. Thanks
  25. Good day, I want to build a new PC with Corsair RGB gadgets. Now I am fairly new to PC building and completely with all that RGB. Now I only have a few questions about this (and suggestions are always welcome) The build that I now have in mind: Part Type CPU I7-9700K GPU GTX 1070 ex oc (I already have) Motherboard Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro WIFI Power 750W (I already have) Case Cooler Master Mastercase h500M CPU Cooling Corsair Hydro H115i RGB Platinum Extra RGB Fans / Controllers Commander pro, 4x Corsair LL140 RGB Fans Corsair RGB Led Hub, Corsair RGB Led Strips M2 SSD Corsair Force MP510 960GB RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB pro 2x8GB 3200Mhz With this RGB config (made by yourself) (see Appendices) now I wonder if this RGB setup will work. and whether / how it will be possible to use a 360 radiator (how the RGB and fan controls should be connected) Thank you in advance! (sorry for the Translation)
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