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Replace lighting node with commander core?


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I have a prebuilt 4000D and it came with a lighting node for the fans, however I can't control fan speed with it. Would an easy solution be to just replace the lighting node with a commander core xt? I'm not very tech savvy so really just looking for the easiest solution as I'm not familiar with iCue or PC building but figured I would be competent enough to replace one with the other

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Yes, that is the best option for direct swap + fan speed control.  You will no longer need the Lighting Node Core, but if it's really stuck on just leave it.  The Commander XT will need 1 USB connection to the MB for data and 1 SATA for power -- same as the LNCore and it can use the connectors previously occupied.


I would export any valuable profiles prior to making the switch.  All your lighting you've set up on the LNCore does not automatically transfer over to the the Com XT.  Each device is treated as a unique controller and you'll need to set the patterns up again.  To that end, one way to do that is copy any complex effects into the Lighting Library before disconnecting the LNCore.  They can be transferred over the Com XT after.  

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