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Corsair 800D: Shroud & Rail replacement


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Not sure if this is faster then the ticketthing, also if it's not allowed to ask things twice (here + ticket) then please remove this.

(Ticket: 6002783 | 04 april 2013)




Hello Corsair Support,


Currently I'm restoring my Corsair 800D back to it's "old" state. However it seems that I'm missing some parts... The parts that I'm missing:

- SATA Shroud for Obsidian 800D (right bottom) | CC800D-LOWHDDB / Lower HDD cover

- "Rail" for the SATA Shroud for Obsidian 800D (right bottom)




I removed those 2 parts a long time ago (something like 1,5 year ago) and for some strange reason I can't find those parts anymore.


I can't find those parts in the Corsair Store, is there a way to buy them or get them?

I hope you can help me out!


Edit 1: Added picture I tried to mark the places where the "rail" should be placed.

Edit 2: Added extra information after |

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(Ticket: 6002783 | 13 april 2013)

My answer from the support:

Unfortunately the 800D has been discontinued and we no longer have any spare parts for what you require. We apologize for the inconvenience.


This means that there is NO option of getting those parts?

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Heh, used to be federal law that spare parts had to be supplied ten years after a product had been discontinued. How, I get that 10Y is a long time but there should be some amount of requirement to maintain sold products significantly past the discontinuance date. The case came out in 2009 and there are reviews of it as late as 2011 and 2012. Geez. Glad I didn't buy one. Goes right up there with my now in-my-face discontinued 3D Touch printer. "Nope, sorry. Nothing to see, move along."
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This is sad indeed. A case is not like other parts of a comp. A case has a longer shelf life, because it doesn't become obsolete as fast. Even with the 900D coming out, the 800D still has life in it, and shouldn't be abandoned this fast. Makes you have to think harder about getting into any of their cases if they are going to be on this tight of a support cycle. This is definitely a mistake on Corsair's end.




EDIT: Apparently the 800D has been discontinued according to the support staff. I may have to go grab one for later use.

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So far no Corsair official has said that the case is discontinued, except the support (see 2nd post)...



Thx for letting me know that it's for the car industry! Btw, the EU government is thinking about a law about this subject for consumer electronic devices. Hopefully this law will be realised soon (but unfortuantely we all in Europe know a bit better :(:)

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Hi Ram Guy,


I have tried to order it but unfortunately the part that I'm looking for is not available (anymore) :( (please check firstpost for the SKU).


Finaly found the tray of the lower hdd shroud ... So I'm gonna make the/a shroud myself soon ^^

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