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9 ll120 fans without commander pro??


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quick question:




How do i connect 3x3 pack of the LL120mm fans in one go without buying the commander pro? Generally any motherboard takes 1A and 1x120mm of the LL series fans is 0.3 amps (with light or without? im not sure), so i can comfortably use a Y-splitter into the motherboard to do 2x2x2 for 6 of the fans. The remaining 3 goes into my Fractal Design Celsius S36 hub that goes into the CPU-header. All i miss now i conneting 9 led cables. In the package theres the ligthing node pro and some sort of hub? Picture below for visual input




So this is how i imagined it, correct me if im wrong. 6 of the led cables into 1 hub, powered by sata. Controll cable from that hub to channel 1 of the node pro 1, which can take max of 4.5 amps i read? on 1 channel? not sure about this info though. Then 3 of the remaining led cables into hub nr 2 and controll cable from hub 2 into channel 2 of node pro 1, thus controlling all 9 from 1 node pro, and 1 usb?






Also what PSU do i need to be able to run this? i see noone else asking this question, but wont 9 ll120 fans put a massive pressure on the 5v rail ? considering im using 2 ssd, 1hdd and potentially another hdd?


thnaks in advance :)

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Thanks for confirming. I also sent a message to Zotty so i also confirmed it from him. Just ordered 3x3 pack, i cant wait to connect them all!


But i had another question though. What about the phanteks neon digital RGB? can i connect those to the LNP and controll them? My motherboard doesnt have ARGB hub. I wanted to keep it cheap untill ryzen 4000 before i jump for a premium motherboard, with all the goodies.



Thanks for reply in advance :biggrin:

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