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So i bought the 750D back in January with the intent of doing some actual custom mods to the case, but only recently got around to doing them. I loved the minimalistic shape and design of the case, but wanted to remove the drive cage and add a PSU shroud to make the interior as clean as possible. (as a side note to Corsair, if you could make a 750D with a removable CD drive cage, that would make this case flawless for water cooling in my opinion).


Having pre-ordered the GTX 1080 and receiving it on launch day, I took the three-day holiday weekend to create a custom acrylic shroud to cover the holes/rivets on the back of the case, as well as the entire bottom PSU/hard drive area. Hope you guys like it! I think it turned out sexy as hell. If there's enough interest, i might make a youtube video tutorial.


Used cardboard to prototype the shape of the final acrylic piece and verify measurements:



Cut a sheet of .22" acrylic to the desired flat shape of the final piece:




After bending (using a heat gun and aluminum-wrapped wood boards to keep lines straight), I put the bent piece into the case to verify that it fits and everything still lines up.



Sanded the acrylic to allow the spray paint to adhere better, then painted with a matte black spraypaint:





Now that it's all done, I wired everything back up and enjoyed the light show (thanks to the NZXT Hue+):




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I like it.


It wouldn't fit as is in mine though, as my front radiator and reservoir are too large, and I use a bottom intake fan.


I might try something similar for the back part of the case only though. I'm happy with my loop right now, but the cables are a little on the messy side, and there is no way on earth I'm enough of a masochist to sleeve them.



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This is brilliant, Quick question though, doesn't this trap head from the PSU in?


Potentially. My power supply is mounted upside-down since the case has a vent on the bottom of the case. So my power supply pulls air from under the case and blows it out the back. Additionally, the bottom fan on the front is split between the under and above the shroud, so it provides a bit of air flow under the shroud as well.

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