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CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 question


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He fellas,


I have a quick question, sort of...


I got a new motherboard along with new procesor and new ram.


I,ve run all tests possible including MemTest, and they all passed without any errors. My tempts on full load are as follows:


CPU: 62'C

GPU: 52'C

SYS: 32'C


And now finally, the question is: How far can i overcloak the memory and cpu for system to run stable? I mean, i am most worried for memory, since i can't read its tempt, and i dont want to burn everything. I don't have any cooler on memory, only default heatsink that comes with it. I do have a cooler from Corsair with 3 fans on it, but i can't really connect it on MB seeing this motherboard has levers for memory only on one side, and cooler needs both to be firmly on, if you get my meaning.


Hope i can get some good advice


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I would check the case fans and see if you do something to lower the CPU temp if you want to over clock more then XMP settings, and I am sorry but all we can promise is whats stated on the modules label,
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