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Loud HX650 - fan always full speed?


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I just replaced the power supply in my computer with an HX650.


It seems to work fine, but it sure is loud. As far as I can tell the PSU fan is always running full speed. I don't think it ever throttles down — at least I've never heard it change speed (up or down) from initial bootup onwards.


It is significantly louder than my old cheapie PSU. It's much louder than any of the other fans in the computer even when they're running full speed (though, to be fair, so was the cheapie PSU.)


I don't think I'm loading the power supply very heavily. (i7-870, one hard drive, one SSD, one optical, Quadro FX380 graphics card — see my profile for details.)


Is there anything else I should be checking?


If this is normal, I guess I need to trade this in for a different model. (Currently, it's unacceptably loud.)


Thanks for any help.

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