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Found 4 results

  1. Hello folks! Does anyone of You know the shutdown temperature limit value? Corsair HX series have an over temperature protection for certain. I sold my HX450 (11 years old) in August. The buyer replied that the PC he has built (Phenom, integrated graphics - thus no extreme load) shuts down when his case is closed. It is OK when he opens his case. The PSU is located at the top. I have a 600T case, PSU mounted at the bottom. Breathing air from outside. I've never suffered from this problem. I've upgraded to HX650 (also older one). No problem either. But when I turn the PSU upside down (so it intakes hot air) it also shuts down after a while. But I have much more power hungry HW. In fact the HX450 could be quite at its limit for years (about 10000 hours total). But I dont think that temperature protection should be such sensitive. I would expect intervention at temperature around 80 °C. But I have aroud 45 - 50 °C in my case. Thanks, David.
  2. So here's a strange one. I just got a new case (specs in profile are up to date), and when I turn the computer on, the PSU fan blasts at full speed and never stops. The computer runs just fine, but the fan NEVER stops ... not even when I shut down the computer. The OS will close, and the keyboard/mouse power off, but the PSU stays on and with its fan at full speed, requiring me to manually power the PC off. Here's the twist: If the PSU is not in the case, the fan cycles on for a second, and then stops, and (again) the computer runs just fine. I discovered this by going through the usual troubleshooting: removing peripherals and HDDs one at a time until the problem was solved (thinking it was a short). The problem persisted and the fan continued to run full blast even when NOTHING was plugged in, save for the CPU. No HDDs, no graphics card, no case fans, no external USB ports, nothing, but still full blast. So I had the idea to unscrew the PSU from my new case, set it on the desk right next to the PC, and ... eh, what the hell, let's try it now. Every peripheral still unplugged. Fan cycles on, and then stops (like I believe it's supposed to in the HX650 if there's no need for the fan to be on ... it's a cool 72 in my office at all times) and the computer boots up. I'm using it right now. I didn't have this issue with my previous case, but it was a bit more lush, and not as bare bones as this new case is. Is there something I'm missing when it comes to mounting the PSU in? Are there, like, rubber stoppers or washers I'm supposed to be using to screw the PSU in or something? Anybody heard of this issue before? edit: If it wasn't clear before, I've since reconnected all HDDs, peripherals, everything. PSU in, fan full blast. PSU on desk, fan off. Update: Well, I guess the problem is solved. Basically, there were two issues. 1.) PSU fan running full speed, but only when inside case. 2.) Computer not fully shutting down (I realized that this was independent from the PSU fan problem, even when the fan worked correctly the PC still wouldn't shut down completely). Hilariously enough, I solved problem #1 by first placing the PSU inside the case WITHOUT screwing it in. The fan worked correctly. Then I screwed only ONE screw in. Still worked. Screwed the other 3 screws in and, well, it's fine now. I have no idea what was causing this, but I suppose it's solved now. The PC not shutting down was caused by a USB/Card Reader peripheral I had installed in one of my 2.5" front bay slots. I found a number of people with similar PC-not-shutting-down issues saying that it was a card reader causing the issue. I don't have any earthly explanation WHY this causes the problem, but I unplugged the USB/Card Reader from the motherboard, and now the computer has no trouble shutting down. So, uh, problem solved? If you guys had any ideas why #1 or #2 was happening, I'd love to know, just out of pure curiosity. But otherwise I guess I don't need help anymore. Maybe this thread will help someone in the future with this kind of issue, who knows.
  3. Hi guys. I have a problem that I wondered if you could help me out With. I have an old computer from back in 2012 With a HX650w PSU. Im gonna buy a new computer in a year or so, but before that time I wanted to do a little gaming, with minimal Investment, to which I just needed a New GPU, so I bought a second-hand Geforce 970 GTX. My problem now is that I lack the proper cables to Connect the GPU to the PSU, because the computer is old, and the Box/GPU and all that stuff was lost in some move a while back. And the GPU I had didnt require cables. So now im at a loss to how to most easily get a hold of these. There are only a few computer-building shops in town, and none of them had these laying around, because they belong to such an old type of PSU I Guess. Im guessing im gonna have to try get these online somewhere. I rather want to avoid buying a Whole new PSU just for this purpose. On the other hand, I live in Norway, and it is usually problematic to get Ebay to ship here fast (usually it takes 4-6 weeks or something). So I might end up just buying a new PSU. And apparently, you need very specific cables depending on whether you have a Corsair, or some other PSU (?) The Geforce 970 GTX has only 2 outputs, both 6-pin. My PSU has 2x 6pin slots, and 5x 4-pin beneath that (1 in use). So I have a couple of questions regarding this: 1) What are the specific name of the cables I need for this? (for ebay/amazon-searches) I.e.. are they 6-to-6pin.. are they 6 to 6+2.. are they called something in particular? etc. 2) And will any With a certain kind of form do - or are the Corsair HX650w compatible ones indeed unique? 3) If I end up buying a new PSU - how can I be certain they will include the specific kind of cables I need? (that fit With the 2x 6-pin outputs on the 970 GTX) -- What to look for on the Box? And bare in mind guys, im an amateur at this. Words like 6+2, SATA, PCI-e etc. doesn't make that much sense to me, so if you can, include a small explanation. Beforehand, thanks, I know it must be boring to answer questions about 6 year old PSU-GPU cable issues to some hardware-amateur. :p
  4. Hello, I have a Hx650 but I lost the peripherals cables... but I have a cx650m (my old psu) too with all the cables, it's compatible the peripheral cable with the Hx650? Thanks, regards.:biggrin:
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