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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Just setup a new rig. Used to come from NZXT. Setup my new rig with Corsair 6 x QL 140s On the commander pro and lighting node core . Updated all softwares and drivers including iCUE. H115i Platinum RGB AIO Problem : iCUE detects everything and all fans light up and spin. However, from iCUE, I can not control the QL140 fan speed. Quiet, Moderate, Extreme Modes all spins at roughly 1400 RPMs ( that’s what iCUE shows) and very noisy. From the Time I press the power button to startup my computer, it spins at that speed. Regardless of load. Please help. It’s too noisy. I can’t find the fan curve in iCUE I tried swapping fans with Noctua NF A14 Choromax and they also run at full speed on this system. I’ve had NZXT systems before. I know how quiet even a triple 120 fans on a 360 rad can be. They have quiet modes which is really quiet. And you can control and change your fan curve. I suspect it’s the Commander Pros problem. Firmware and software are all the latest.
  2. Hi, I am fairly new to building PCs and very new to water cooling, I recently finished a build however when I turn the system on, the water pump is making a constant gurgling as if it has trapped air, when I tip the system horizontally the noise goes away to near dead silence, when I return it vertically it gurgles again. I have ran the system for about 5-6h and it hasn't cleared itself I have taken the whole AIO out and shaken it, had the hoses straight, still the same. Can I get some help please
  3. Bought a New RM650x (2018 Model) a few days ago ready for a brand new build and on putting the PC together I am concerned about the buzzing noise the PSU makes when the PC is not powered up - by this I mean when I switch on the PC at the wall the PSU immediately starts making a quite loud buzzing noise but as soon as the PC on button is pressed (PC powers up) this buzzing noise mostly disappears. Should I be returning this as defective ? Thx Ian
  4. So I just got myself a brand spanking new Corsair One Pro Ti. Mainly because it is supposed to be quiet. However it is not. Quiet that is. There's a buzzing sound as if a fan or pump is running on bad bearings or just is broken somehow. Loudest PC i have ever owned... But if that noise was gone it would be the most silent, as it is supposed to be. Also my screen is blank when I try to enter BIOS (to enable Wake on usb input), don't see any Post message or boot screen, just a blue screen as if there is no input to the monitor during post. Also my Lenovo Yoga 910 feels faster and more responsive when clicking around inside Windows, it's also fairly new but if anything it should be slower. Have seen I'm not alone with a noisy One Ti in Sweden, perhaps a bad batch? Any thoughts on this? Have registered a ticket with Corsair but disappointment is massive. Hope this is solved...
  5. Hello folks! My much anticipated Corsair One Pro Ti arrived the other day. I must admit I was impressed with the size and looks of the machine! Despite having seen it on pictures I couldn't even imagine it being this small and beautiful. HOWEVER, the ads says the machine is "Dangerously Quiet". This is one of the reasons I picked a prebuilt machine rather than building my own for the first time in my life. This statement however is not entirely true. Because of the compact size and aesthetics I have mu machine next to the monitor instead of on the floor which I assume many others do aswell. When I have my G933 headphones on and the machine is in idle I can hear it very clear, a buzzing noise comming out of it. If I put my ear to the top where the fan is mounted it's not as noisy, which makes me belive it's one of the pumps. During load (when I play games) the machine is just as noisy (or quiet in this case). The machine is quieter than my old rig with a R9 290 ref card but it's not dangerously quiet. TL;DR - Computer is noisy during idle but quiet during load. Noise levels are the same but it's expected sound a bit during heavy tasks. Is this normal for this computer or do I have a defective unit? Please advice!
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