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Pump/Cooler not detected by Icue

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- Cooler: H100 rgb 240
- Mb : msi Z590 a pro

Pump connection > Pump_header
Fan connection > cpu_fan

usbxp driver not showing up in USB controllers
The temperature periodically increases until shutdown, Ive tried reinstalling chipset drivers, changed USB ports, and fresh installed icue.
Could be a pump failure but I can't know for sure because it's not showing up in Icue.

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A H100 RGB is not a CUE device and should not have a USB cable. Even it was, lack of usb connectivity should not an AIO into a non- functional state and you can’t overheat a water cooler by running the fans too slow for normal tasks. 

6 hours ago, Player888 said:

The temperature periodically increases until shutdown

That is a no flow state. Either the pump is not running or the unit does not have power.  It looks like that is not a SATA powered model, so make sure that PWM connector from pump is connected to a motherboard header that is set to 100%, “Full Speed”, or any other mode that supplies a constant 12v. Most “AIO Pump” headers are preset to a locked 100% state. CPU fan must be manually set to 100%. If the voltage is too low, the pump may not start. 

If that does not apply, you don’t get any rpm reading from the motherboard, can’t feel any vibrations, etc., then the pump is not running and you should exchange the unit with the vendor or contact Corsair Support for the same purpose. 

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Ok. Even if there is a registered pump speed, if you power on and the cpu temp starts climbing and never stops, this is a zero or low flow state and an AIO issue. Could be a blockage or the pump impeller may have broken (usually very noisy). This occurs with minimal cpu load. Sit on the desktop and you can watch the cpu temp skip toward 100. Once there, you cannot cool it down except by leaving the PC off for hours. 

This is in contrast to “the cpu temp is too high when doing _____” or when gaming g the gpu temp continues to increase. Those are voltage or environmental issues and can be addressed by the user. 

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