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How to enable DOLBY Atmos on Corsair Headphones (HS80 etc.)

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1) Download this app on Windows: https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9N0866FS04W8?ocid=pdpshare

2) Ensure your headphones are on and connected to the computer correctly

3)Open the DOLBY Access app and hit the products tab at the top, if your headphones support DOLBY Atmos you should see them listed in the top right corner.


4) Click on the icon with the headphones, and hit SETUP, you should see a green check and a phrase "Ready to use"

5) Now make sure your Windows Spatial sound profile is set to DOLBY ATMOS, this should appear in a list below "Windows Sonic for Headphones", as well as "Off". The Spatial sound menu is located in your sound settings area right here:



6) Now that your profile has been set to Dolby Atmos, please remember your EQ adjuster (scroll wheel clicker) on the headphones will no longer adjust EQ profiles in iCUE because the sound profile has been set to Dolby. Unless you have the HS80 MAX model (which can reprogram the click wheel) this click wheel will no longer have any function on other models.


You are welcome!

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