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HX1200i Cable confusion


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Hi guys,

I have an older HX1200i platinum power supply that I bought in 2017. At the time I bought a set of custom cables, but the person who made them is no longer around. So i'm looking at getting a new set to go with my 12vhpwr one. The problem is, even with the chart pinned at the top of this forum, I'm not certain which cables are right. 
Do I need to buy a full set of type-3 cables, or a full set of type-4 + a type-3 24pin ATX?

Any clarification would be appreciated, thanks!

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well you know already apparently 🙂

the only difference between type 3 and 4 is the motherboard 24 pin cable., all the others are the same pinout. 

So, as you said, you either get a full type 3 set, or.. a type 4 set + a type 3 motherboard cable.

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