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Found 14 results

  1. I'm replacing my PSU for the HX1000 one do you know if the existing cables from RM850x will work on the HX1000?
  2. Hi all, So I have the Lian Li Stimer Plus 24 and 8 pin set. I don't want to use the provided extension cables as A I don't have space and B the white takes away from my build and I'd just like to attach the rgb element to my sleeved cables. I have a Corsair premium cable kit, but the problem is these cables are too thick to fit in the Lian Li cable comb (16 awg vs 18awg according to the specsheets). Are there any individually sleeved cables that are thin enough to fit in the comb? The provided Lian Li ones are 18awg and 2mm (ish) diameter while my corsair ones are 3mm in diameter . I'm looking at the Cable Mod C series but I cant find the cable thickness anywhere. FYI I have a Corsair rm650x and I wish to use two 1:1 pcie cables for my gpu, rather than the dual connector one.
  3. hello everyone i just got a new corsair rm850x white power supply. and need to ask a question about the ATX cable and the CPU cable. i am new to building after many years of a laptop. i see the ATX cable connects to my motherboard 24 pin. but at the PSU it has 2 separate connectors. do these have to both be plugged in or just one? also the 8 pin cpu which of the 8 pin connectors does it need to be plugged into or do i plug it into a free one? again i am new at these advanced PSUs. any help is appreciated. thanks everyone StormChaser
  4. I'm looking at Corsair Premium individually sleeved pro package. I see that I can buy a type 4 gen 4-package and a type 4 gen 3-packager. What's the difference between 4 gen and 3 gen, and does it matter?
  5. I have just got a RM850x in white ( CP-9020188-uk ) Looking to get some better braided cables for the sata connectors, but I'm a little confused !!!!! From your cable-compatibility list https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/psu-cable-compatibility it says the sata and peripheral connectors are type 3 and can see from the cables, this is true. But the braided cables kits say there are for any type 4 which the RM850x is included in their list. So how do a get a better braided cables for the sata , for type 3 ? or are they the same for that cable and for some other they are type 4.
  6. Hi there, I've been checking all the posts related to this topic but actually couldn't find anything that could help me solving this issue... I recently built my PC, and everything works well, except the front LED logo and the power button. The pins are connected to the Power LED pins of the motherboard in the right position (I triple checked it) and none of the LEDs work. Just to see if it was a problem with the motherboard pins and not the LEDs/cable, I plugged them into the HDD LED pins, so it would blink instead of being static... But with no result either... I also tried to change the order of the cables just in case the polarity was switched, but with no success :( Is there anything I am missing? I checked that the joint of the cable is properly attached too. Everything looks correct and I tried everything I could think of. Hope somebody can throw some light! (literally lol) Thank you!
  7. Hello, I’m thinking of getting an RM1000i PSU for my rig and I have a question and, since I’m a total noob at building PCs, I wanted to get some clarification. I have gotten a 2080Ti which needs 2 8-pin or 6+2-pin PCIe power dongles. I presume the RM1000i will come with all of the required cables? I’m only asking as my current RM650X was powering an old 1080 which only needed 1 8-pin. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone So recently I bought a used RM850i for a new build I'm doing for myself. I got a good price for it and it was used in a mining rig with another RM850i in parallel. The thing never got over 50% usage and the fan never even spun. The issue is some cables are broken and some are even missing. The person I bought it from said he would order new cables because as I understand you need all the cables for RMA to be valid. The PSU still has 9 years on the warranty so I just need some cables and I'm set. I'm missing: 1x MOLEX 1x CPU 8pin 1x 700mm SATA 2x 850mm SATA Both Corsair link cables All MOLEX to floppy adapter/cables The PSU is in perfect condition. Not even a dust spec on it. Which of these cables do I need for RMA to be valid in case I need it, and where can I get them for a humane price. I'm doing this to help the person who sold me the PSU so he can get a decent price for the missing cables and so I can be sure that I can RMA the PSU if something happens.
  9. Hello. My simple question : Can i use with this Psu pins > for two cables for my morherboard Cpu plugs (2x 4+4pin EPS 12v) and leave one 8pin for GPU ? As i can see on the psu itself ,it says: ,,6+2 pin PCIE & 4+4 pin CPU”. Thanks!
  10. Hi, hopefully a quick one, I just want to make sure i’m Not going to blow any components. The lightning z has x3 6+2 pin PCIe inputs. My current modular setup on my psu has the mobo power setup the 4+4 cpu connector in the set place and the pcie cable connected next to it. The pcie cable only has x2 6+2 pin PCIe connectors to connect to the gpu I have another x2 6+2 pin cable from a different psu. I’m just not sure if it’s safe to connect. It fits in an unlabelled 8 pin socket so I think it should be fine. I just want to be doubly sure. Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Want to buy the corsair ssd threaded cables. Its 13 dollars on the corsair website.. Its 12.95 to ship. Im in san Diego. This a mistake?
  12. Hi guys. I have a problem that I wondered if you could help me out With. I have an old computer from back in 2012 With a HX650w PSU. Im gonna buy a new computer in a year or so, but before that time I wanted to do a little gaming, with minimal Investment, to which I just needed a New GPU, so I bought a second-hand Geforce 970 GTX. My problem now is that I lack the proper cables to Connect the GPU to the PSU, because the computer is old, and the Box/GPU and all that stuff was lost in some move a while back. And the GPU I had didnt require cables. So now im at a loss to how to most easily get a hold of these. There are only a few computer-building shops in town, and none of them had these laying around, because they belong to such an old type of PSU I Guess. Im guessing im gonna have to try get these online somewhere. I rather want to avoid buying a Whole new PSU just for this purpose. On the other hand, I live in Norway, and it is usually problematic to get Ebay to ship here fast (usually it takes 4-6 weeks or something). So I might end up just buying a new PSU. And apparently, you need very specific cables depending on whether you have a Corsair, or some other PSU (?) The Geforce 970 GTX has only 2 outputs, both 6-pin. My PSU has 2x 6pin slots, and 5x 4-pin beneath that (1 in use). So I have a couple of questions regarding this: 1) What are the specific name of the cables I need for this? (for ebay/amazon-searches) I.e.. are they 6-to-6pin.. are they 6 to 6+2.. are they called something in particular? etc. 2) And will any With a certain kind of form do - or are the Corsair HX650w compatible ones indeed unique? 3) If I end up buying a new PSU - how can I be certain they will include the specific kind of cables I need? (that fit With the 2x 6-pin outputs on the 970 GTX) -- What to look for on the Box? And bare in mind guys, im an amateur at this. Words like 6+2, SATA, PCI-e etc. doesn't make that much sense to me, so if you can, include a small explanation. Beforehand, thanks, I know it must be boring to answer questions about 6 year old PSU-GPU cable issues to some hardware-amateur. :p
  13. Hello: I'm going for my new build, and I'll use a Carbide 400C case, the PSU is a RM750X. What I would like to add to the build, is a Black Red Cable kit, like this one: http://a.co/d/fryISoK After doing some research, I noticed that you can get the Cable Kit, or a Cable Extension kit like this one: http://a.co/d/fE8m6ra Due to the fact that my new PSU will come with a brand new cable kit, what would you recommend to me? Buying the cable kit? or buying the extension kit? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi guys my beast system looks like need more juice. X99 fully loaded overclocked system with 6850K and Corsair 32GB 3400Mhz kit and 2 way 1080ti SLI setup. According to KILL A WATT I am pulling around 800 WATT from wall and my AX860 is no longer supports my system. When I have Anti-Surge turned on my Edition 10 board shutting down system during heavy game play like Andromeda. When Anti-Surge is off system still turns off but not as often. Can't risk anymore. Because I have H100i I wanted to use PSU with Corsair Link and all latest RM100i0i reviews are amazing. I mean I live for high end stuff but I didn't find enough to budget for AX1200i so I just got RM1000i unit. Only question I have is this. Can I use same cables that came with AX860 unit because I really hate to mess my cable management. So yeah AX to RMi anyone ? Thank you guys ! P.S. AX860 I got is purchased from newegg as RB unit. I feel it no longer works properly because according to KILL a WATT PSU pulling less than 800 WATT yet it's not stable enough to shut my system down under load. I wonder if I can get it repaired or at least looked at with testers and stuff because I don't mind buying new unit (already did) but I do want to use it on other system down the road. And I want it to be 100%. IS there a warranty on RB units ? Corsair Brown box. Thanks !
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