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XD3 Pump stopped working

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Ive had my xd3 pump since August and it runs great. Until today. It stopped pumping the coolant and after troubleshooting and only having the pump connected to my psu the pump makes a very faint clicking noise 3 times as if it's trying to start. I don't know how this happened or why. If there is anyone that can help please help. I'm not sure if I can fix it. Or I just need to get a new one. 

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The clicking is a classic trouble sign and not good news. Fixing it is not an ordinary repair skill and parts tend to be proprietary.  For testing, all you can do here is put the 24 pin jumper on, disconnect the PWM control wire from Commander Pro or other fan controller, then flip the PSU on for a max power test with no risk of overheating. However, I am expecting impeller problems and it’s might sputter a few times, but won’t successfully start up. 

You are under warranty and this is not how it’s supposed to work. Contact Corsair Support to start the replacement process or you’ll need to go shopping. 

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It’s not user error. You turned your pc on like you fid every other day. There are no settings for this. You will get a brand new XD3 in sealed packaging on your RMA. 

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