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My XD3 isn’t pumping at all and is making a clicking sound

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My XD3 is pumping what so ever and is making this weird clicking sound when ever I turn on the computer, the pump was working today and had no sign of any slowing down or any signs of being a bad motor, there wasn’t any pump noise and it was flowing strong. Now it won’t even startup on boot and will stay off. I can’t figure out how to get it to turn on again, the leds are lighting up but that is it, please help.

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Contact Corsair Support through the main Corsair website. We can ask you a lot of questions and try and tease this out, but ultimately it’s going to end in needing a new XD3. You might as well have the conversation with the people who can send you a new pump. Unfortunately electrical failures are usually like this. Last time it turned on, this time it didn’t.  Clicking always should be perceived as a warning. Pumps should not click except as a single one on/off. 

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