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How to control XD3 pump noise/speed at boot?

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Hello everyone,


So I have a new XD3 pump. Whenever I boot my PC or wake it, the pump runs at full speed before settling down to my speed set in iCue. That being said, this XD3 is replacing a XD5 I had and that pump didn't create any noise on boot/wake. I have it plugged into port #6 on my Commander Pro, and also tried setting the fan type as "4 pin" and "auto" to no avail. Auto makes it run at roughly medium speed for about 5 seconds, while 4 pin makes it run at max speed for about 1 second. How can I set the pump to make no noise when booting/waking like my XD5 did?



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As far as I can tell, that's how it's supposed to run. Whenever I boot up my system, all fans and pumps always run at full speed for a few seconds until I load into Windows. As for the XD3, I also had one that I replaced with the XD5. That's just how DDC pumps sound when they run at full speed. They are definitely higher pitched in noise compared to the lower hum of the D5. The only thing I can think of is going into your BIOS/UEFI and changing your pump speed there since that is what the system uses until iCUE loads up.
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So think about the worst case scenario which is that the system has just rebooted because it crashed due to crazy overclocking and high load. So it would be super hot and need to be cooled at max. Maybe that's why even with air cooling the fans always start out going to the highest speed for a couple of seconds until it has a chance to sample the temp sensors. It's not just the XD3. The '5 almost certainly did the same, you just didn't hear it.
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